baseall cards what are they worth?

my cards are put out by goudey, delong gum inc. on the backs of some of them are tobbaco ads. like cork tip cigarettes,sweet caporal cigarettes ext. they are on uncut sheets. some of the players are honus wagner,connie mack,jimmy fox,walter johnson,cobbs,joe demaggio ext. i got them from my brother, who was cleaning a garge out for an elder woman after her husband passed away. they where throwing old magizes out and these sheets of cards came flying out of one of them.

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  • 10 years ago
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    Hello there,

    If your cards are on uncut sheets, they most likely are recent (last 20 years) reprints of the vintage cards. Goudey cards were from around 1933 and 1934. DeLongs were similar vintage. The cards with sweet corporal on the backs are probably 1910-11 T-205 or 206 reprints. There are other tobacco cards that have been reprinted. If they are reprints, they have no collector value. They have some value to folks who would like to have a copy of older cards (and cannot afford the originals). Without seeing them, I cannot tell you for certain that you have reprints (and not valuable vintage cards). I suggest you take them to a local sports card shop and ask some one there what they are.


  • I just searched e-bay and found Goudey gum inc does reprinting of baseballl cards. They print sheets and I found one sheet listed for buy now @$4.99 and no one is bidding on it. This is ebay item number 120261374905. Hope this helps, I wish I could give you better news.

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