I am doing a project on the Boeing 747 and I need Joe Sutters contact information to ask some questions!!!?

Preferably email, BUT ANYTHING WORKS!!! his full name (as far as I know) is Joseph Frederick Sutter, I AM NOT SURE help me out I need to contact him hellppp

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The chances that someone in Y!A is just going to put up Mr. Sutter's contact info are pretty slim.

    I would suggest that you read his autobiography - it sounds like it was carefully researched and it may well answer your questions.

    If you are totally bent on contacting him, perhaps the co-author of the autobiography can help you. You could also try seeing if there is some sort of administrative arm of the Rogers Commission that is still active, and which could forward a request to him. Lastly, you could try writing a polite letter to Boeing's public relations offices telling them how much you admire Mr. Sutter and asking if they can forward a request for you.

    I'm not sure I would count on an 89 year old having e-mail though.

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  • 3 years ago

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