2002 chevy truck 4.3l towing questions?

i have a 2002 chevy silverado 1/2 ton with a 4.3l v-6 that i use to tow my 26 foot travel trailer with. while towing notice the tranny shifts harder and seem to be in a bind was looking to by a hypertech programmer but have never talked with any one to see if they are worth the money or just get a bigger truck

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I have a 2000 GMC jimmy with the same engine with the towing package. I tow a 16 ft bass boat. It was shifting hard so I looked in the owners manual and found that I have a tow haul button. this should be used when towing something heavy. It helps with the hard shifting and over rides the overdrive. If you have this feature on your truck give it a try

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  • 1 decade ago

    I sort of agree with I love my trucks answer but not completely. You don't say if you have a trailering package on it but even if you do I think your truck is only supposed to pull about 3500# with that engine. I used to pull a 35 foot fifth wheel with a 1990 F-150 4x4 but it had a 351 Windsor (5.8L) and 4.10 gear ratio. If you plan to keep that camper you might consider a truck more suited to pulling it. I'm not saying a half ton won't do it since I've obviously pulled bigger trailers with one but you really do need more motor. Bigger brakes and a better cooling system too and thats what the trailering packages get you.

    Source(s): I've pulled everything from a 4x8 utility trailer to a 53 foot spread axle reefer.
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  • 1 decade ago

    i used to haul my buddies 21 ft nitro bass with my 95 s10 blazer. even on lake hills, you never knew it was there(ok, so it is a big *** boat, and it did kinda slow it down at low speeds, but on the hiway, it would still do 75+)i had the only truck out of the group that could pull it outta the water until the owner bought a 4 cyl diesel jeep liberty. thatthing can pull the boat and a camper

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Wow that is way to much trailer.

    What is your tow weight?

    You need to get a heavy duty 3/4 ton with at least a 350.

    Source(s): The guy above may be right but that sounds like a lot of trailer for a half ton.
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  • Ellen
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    4 years ago

    THe Original wires can last for the life of the car, if they are kept clean and do not short out. After market plug wires generally have different resistances. Factory wires are held to the highest of standards. I recommend the use of BORG WARNER cap and rotor because their terminals are BRASS instead of the cheaper aluminum. Caps and rotors last for 100,000 miles, usually. If you use Bosch Fusion or Denso Iridium plugs, your engine will gain power and economy over the stock plugs. Delco plugs are NOT even included in plug tests anymore, and are only used because GM makes them cheaper. Their higher end engines feature either German or Japanese plugs. They KNOW better!!

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