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New claim: the emails were hacked by foreign spies - but i thought all governments agreed on climate change?

Sir David King, who used to be the government's science advisor (you know, the guy who said we would all be fleeing to Antarctica within ninety years) has told a paper that he thinks it is likely that ""foreign spies" were responsible for "hacking" the climategate emails.

Sir David, who admits he knows little about computer systems and has "no inside knowledge" proposes a new conspiracy theory, saying: [quote]

"""Quite simply, it's the sophistication of the operation. I know there's a possibility that they had a very good hacker working for these people, but it was an extraordinarily sophisticated operation. There are are several bodies of people who could do this sort of work. These are national intelligence agencies and it seems to me that it was the work of such a group of people,""

~ what is it with the alarmists and their conspiracy theories? Why do they think that big oil companies are behind every internet posting, and unnamed foreign governments are trying to discredit climate change - aren't these the same people who told us that all governments agree on climate change? So which is it?



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    Blaming it on "foreigners" is convenient. Everyone distrusts foreigners.

    The hacked emails were an inside job. It was a whistle blower who couldn't take it anymore and released the emails. This is why they're hiding the source of the leak. The person who released the emails will give additional credibility to the "hacked" information and further embarrass the IPCC and global warming believers.

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    AGW and similar farces are liberal politics not science. But then my ancestors knew how to predict climate change and built giant scientific instruments that still exist today to monitor the suns cycles and predict climate change! But than that is why my ancestors survived the last couple of climate catastrophes while liberal quasi civilizations died from sudden climate change on their knees praying for salvation!

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    Essentially all governments are agreed on the need to fight climate change.

    But they differ on what the standards should be, what the enforcement mechanism should be, the proper roles of developed/developing countries, etc.

    Which is why Copenhagen basically failed. They'll reach a compromise fairly soon, but in the meantime, they're maneuvering to cut the best deal for their own country. Imagine people's surprise about that (NOT).

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    That is nothing new? An AGWer stating that they do not know what is going on, but then stating their opinion as if it was fact. The scientists have completely admitted to not understanding the effect of clouds on the climate and the effect of heat transfer between the oceans and the atmosphere on the climate. Even so they claim understanding of the climate, such that all their conclusions are not only probable, but any who disagrees are idiots. Last I checked, science did not work in this manner.

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    <<what is it with the alarmists and their conspiracy theories?>>

    Pretty funny--ypou people think that there is a conspiracy led by Al Gore (with some variants including David Rockefeller and/or Prince Philip) to have almost every climate scientist say there is global warming, and that there were incriminating emails showing some vast plot...and you accuse us of conspiracy theories!

    << Why do they think that big oil companies are behind every internet posting>>

    The oil companies ARE indeed behind most of the bogus "research" supposedly debunking global warming. That is a fact, not part of people's imagination. Do you also mock people who think Islamic extremism is behind most terrorist attacks?

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    Ever wonder if the "foreign govt." in question was the US, or US oil companies?

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