Harman Kardon 810NA FFC-FPC connector where to find, buy just that part.?

Hi, i need to know where i can get a Harman kardon FFC-FPC connector, the part connecting the display to the mainboard, the part on the mainboard that locks flat cable down. I need a replacement since the orginal clip to lock it in is lost. It's a 45pin/ conductor ZIF, smt, right angle. Tried various websites, but am not sure if it is the right one or they sell just 'one'(tried molex). Even if that interconnect cost 10 is better than buy a parts one from ebay for like 100 if you can find it. If you can help me thanks alot, just need some help to point me in the right direction.


It is a Harman Kardon GPS 810NA

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If the problem is only the clip then why not just tape the ribbon cable down to the circuit board with electrical tape?

    All the clip does is hold the cable in tight - it usually does not make the connection any better.

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    5 years ago

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