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Do you think the Taylor Swift deserved to the grammy album of the year award?


Gaga won two grammys last night. :)

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    NO WAY. Lady Gaga or Beyonce each have more talent in their smallest fingernail than Taylor Swift has in her entire career. I'm so sick of what a big deal the Grammys made of her. I mean, her voice is fine, but her songwriting leaves way too much to be desired. Ever since she manipulated the Romeo and Juliet story, I couldn't tolerate her. And "You Belong With Me" winning best video of the year (earlier awards)??? Absurd.

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    i could was hoping that Gaga could win because of the fact seem at her occupation, 4 style a million hits from her debut album. She's an outstanding performer. I do understand why Taylor speedy gained, like the object says, she does write all her very own songs, this is deserving of an award. besides the undeniable fact that it is totally truly trouble-free why she gained, Beyonce, Gaga and the rest could of had to compete for the Pop vote, while Taylor had the country vote in her lower back pocket.

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    I think 90% of the people they actually show on the Grammys are talentless, worthless flavor of the month/year kind of people who wouldn't know what to do at a piano or soundboard if they had guns to their heads.

    Case in point:

    I recently found a dusty old VHS tape of the 1991 Grammy awards and watched it drunk a few weeks ago.

    MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice got the most awards! One of which won artist of the year!

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    Omg, no way. I really think Lady GaGa deserved it.

    she had an amazing album, and i can tell how much hard work she put into it,

    no disrespext to Taylor Swift, but

    i think it should have been Lady GaGa's award :/

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    NO WAY, LADY GAGA DESERVED THAT GRAMMY....but who cares, GaGa doesn't need a stupid grammy to make her happy, she has all her loyal and loving fans who know she deserved better...........

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    No she didn't. I think because she's so young and cute it plays a big factor in her success. Kanye acted like a jerk but I think his opinions about Beyonce were valid.

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    1 decade ago

    Nope. Even though, I like some of her songs from 'Fearless' I think that Gaga's 'The Fame' or even 'The E.N.D' by BEP should have gotten the prize instead.

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    nah, she is not really my thing.

    i think one of the more accomplished artists shoula won, like dave matthews band. those mothas have worked their whole lives to get where they are; not just loolked cute...

    its only a popularity contest; what's it matter?

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    1 decade ago

    no! shes a good preformer, but beyonce and gaga are WAY more dynamic and cutting edge.

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    Considering she sold the most records in 2009, yes... she deserves album of the year. It only makes sense, you sell the most records, you get the award. Der.

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