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How can I work with Shonen Jump as a mangaka?

what do I do to try and get published? my manga is written in Japanese form as well (right to left) and my characters are drawn in Shonen style which is what Seshiua accepts. but I don't how to contact him in any way possible! Please if someone could help me with this I will appreciate it a lot.

P.S for those who don't know Seshiua is the president of Shonen animation/manga.


''Blukatt'' I am learning Japanese and aware of the must know fluid Japanese info, I know how to draw as well since I can draw manga scenes and characters, and my plot is very entertaining and interesting. I already knew all of this and I'm ready to take the next step which is to get publish I just need the info.

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    how your manga is written and which style it is drawn doesn't mean that you could get accepted. there are a lot of competitors out there waiting their works to be published, and i mean not just between the mangakas from shonen jump, but also the rivals from other publishers.

    in order to get your manga got accepted, you need to have an interview with the president. but i have you know that being a mangaka isn't easy. your work would need to get published (if accepted) in this manga magazine of their, like shonen jump or shonen magazine, (which is bigger than the size of a telephone book) first, and if it gotten popular, your series would be then complied into volumes.

    not only that, you would have not enough time to sleep as you would have to submit your chapters weekly. you could also have no assistants to help you with screentone or any sorts, unless you hired some. you would have no time to rest because once you had completed a series, your editor might call you to start working on a new series, which would mean more planning and drawings. while working on your series, you might also been asked to draw a covering page (with colors, i think) in a A3 size paper, maybe, and some drawings for posters and other purposes.

    those above would come to you if your first published was given a green light, that is. so if you think your manga was impressive enough, outstanding and close-to-professional enough, then i can't see why not give it a go?

    Source(s): => that's the size of the original shonen jump => that's the english version of shonen jump's official website
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    you'ld prob have to go to japan and go to their company for an appointment to see him...

    but then yould prob only be able to start off with ur work being published in magazines.

    but then if your really far with your work then they'll probably start being sold on volumes.

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    1. Die.

    2. Become reincarnated as a Japanese person.

    3. Be reeaaaaaaally talented.

    4. Enter some oneshot manga contests.

    5. Be reeaaaaaaally lucky.

    6. ???

    7. Offered serialization by Shounen Jump

  • Timmy
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    go to japan and learn fluid japanese for one

    have a damn good idea

    have artistic talent

    and that you can produce 12 to 22 pages of finished art at least every week or two weeks

    if you cant do that dont bother

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  • 5 years ago

    i think you only need to do is write about supernatural stuff.

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