personal statement一問

我讀緊engineering, master想轉finance.

想問有咩好既理由寫o係 我personal statement 上面呢?




help me assist Government of Afghanistan ?? 有冇d貼身d ga...

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    The unprecedented explosion of corporations and financial services

    industry has brought about immense opportunities to utilize newer

    principles, methodologies, tools and practices in the field of finance.

    It is this challenging field in which I would like to gain expertise.

    I wish to understand the broad theoretical foundation of finance and

    more specifically the in-depth knowledge of the latest techniques of

    corporate finance. I want to leverage my existing skills with the

    knowledge of corporate finance to obtain a rigorous, demanding and

    rewarding position in this profession. The knowledge and skills in turn

    will help me to achieve my short-term career goals to manage capital,

    generate funds, perform mergers and acquisitions, and ensure future

    economic stability for corporation, or help financial services industry

    make the right financial decisions that will result in economic

    stability and high returns. In the long-term, such knowledge, skills

    and experience will help me assist Government of Afghanistan in

    designing, implementing and monitoring financial policies, planning and

    executing the financing initiatives, and interfacing with the financial

    community and investors.

    Finance department in your University epitomizes a vibrant academic

    community, rich and diverse in its field of study and dynamic in its

    freedom for explanation. Especially there my area of specialization is

    flourishing under the guidance of pioneering stalwarts in an

    outstanding environment.

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    可以了解自己的 適合的系所、考試運勢、事業求職、求財金錢




    免費的, 推薦你算一下^^

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