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請幫忙中文翻譯成英文 這個休假通知





在新的一年裡財源廣進 事業更上一層樓

因為是公司的休假通知 所以希望可以正式一點 非常感謝

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    Dear Clients and Collaborating Businesses: Greetings!

    本公司因應政府年假的規定,排訂自2010年2月12日至2月21日休假, 非常感謝您在過去的一年裡,對我們公司的照顧與協助,我們也誠摯的祝福您.

    In accordance with government guidelines on Chinese New Year Festival, the company will be closed between February 12 and February 21, 2010 for a vacation break. We are very grateful for your patronage and collaboration in the past year, and would like to take this wonderful opportunity to wish you

    在新的一年裡財源廣進 事業更上一層樓.

    A very profitable year ahead, and constant expansion of your business

  • dear customer you with me partner factory owner on my service:

    the this company for govern to speak to do year vacation, just to be for 2010/02/12 ~2010/02/21 have a vacation surprise,very so great to thankful with you

    across an once year in the after, for we company to die for and partner, we have just be thankful for you good luck ,on the new year for you have a much finance

    put you emotion to in typ and routine work go for an once floor.

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    The dear customer with unites efforts the manufacturer hello:

    This company in accordance to the government new years vacation's stipulation, the platoon subscribes from February 12, 2010 is on leave to February 21, very

    Thanks you zai guoqu di yi nian li, to our company's attendance and the assistance, we also sincere prays for heavenly blessing you

    The source of wealth enters on enterprise a yet higher goal broadly in the new year


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    Dear customers and third-party Hello:

    The company's response to the Government and annual leave, scheduling, from 2010 12 February to 21 February vacation, very

    Thank you for the past year, our company's care and assistance, we also sincerely wish you to

    In the new year, making plenty of money careers

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    Dear customers and third-party Hello:

    The companies of the Government and annual leave, scheduling, from 2010 February 12 to February 21 on vacation,

    thank you very much in the past year, for our company to take care of and assistance We also sincerely wish you new year's money to the cause of a higher level because it is the company's vacation notice so I hope it can formally is very grateful to

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