prince jackson 52nd grammy awards?

january 31 2010: one of the best grammys i've seen! i must say the earth song rendition was brilliant that it actually made me get up and give them a standing ovation! lol and i must say taylor swift seems like quite the sweetheart!

what's your take on the whole speech thing?

did you expect him to have such a deep voice and stage presence?

did you expect the kids (mainly prince) to be so mature, when he's only, what- 13?- and (i presume) he is still dealing with the trauma of seeing his father die?

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  • 10 years ago
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    seeing MJ's kids make me think Wow MJ was such a good father. No one expected them to be so mature and so strong. I loved their speech but thought Paris's speech was a bit short. But overall it was great. That song was so strong and had a great message everyone should consider. I thought the tribute could have been better but it was good not gonna lie.

    But idk i think the Kids are handling their father's death stabily.I would have started crying i was actually crying throughout the whole tribute. But then again im just an emotional person. Better than i would have been able to deal with it and they are so young. They were so strong and im sure if MJ saw them he would be proud.

    RIP MJ

    Taylor sucks live but gotta admit she deserved the grammies.

    This was a good grammy if only MJ was alive.


  • 10 years ago

    I thought that the rendition was powerful but the Tribute was a bit sub par especially for Usher. I know if he would have been in charge of it, he would have gone all out. I must say that Jennifer Hudson and Celine Dion's vocals gave me chills. Hear MJ's voice was so surreal. I just wanted him to walk out on stage. It was so clear and powerful.

    Taylor Swift is a sweetheart BUT her vocals were NOT strong. She has an issue with singing live. She was flat for most of the song.

    LOL He has a deeper voice than Justin Bieber! Sorry, that was just too easy. Okay, back to being mature, no I didn't. He reminds me of MJ. The manuerisms. It's the manuerisms. How can people say that's not his son? The strength of those kids is amazing. They are so humble, dignified and strong. I think MJ taught them well.

  • 10 years ago

    I kinda have a deep voice, im a girl same age as him.

    Funny, MJ was a tenor had such a light voice, and Prince is just about the opposite !

    Cute <3

  • brekke
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    3 years ago

    yea..i nevertheless wish it became into extra desirable than one MJ music lol... those little ones are truly surprising.. ts truly courageous to bypass up there..have such degree presence and settle for an award on their father's call.. it became into truly overwhelming .they're good little ones. MJ became right into a brilliant dad..he did an astounding activity... yea they're so youthful.. its so tragic... to handle a loss of the only verify at this style of small age..i'm advantageous its nevertheless confusing .

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