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Someone tell me how Kobe isnt the Greatest Laker of All -Time?

I dont understand how people say magic is better than Kobe. I mean, kobe skipped college and look at how far he has come. Kobe's basketball IQ is the highest of all time. The way he finds ways to get to the ball, play through injuries, and still get his teamates involved. He only needs one more championship. He will probably get 6. Time will tell. But you tell me how Kobe isnt better than magic johnson. Cmon..seriousily. Competetion now is way better. Believe it or not kobe gets hammered all the time. Kobe has more milestones than magic ( 81 pt game, four 50+ games in a row, 43 pts a game average in one month,27 forty point games in a season, 62 points in three quarters, ten 50 point games in one season). Kobe is certainly a top 3 NBA player ever. He has polished every sector of the game. Imagine this...every Laker, every outstanding NBA player to come in the future..will be compared to Kobe after he retires. No longer..MJ or Magic. Kobe.

Update: just wondering why kobe isnt the greatest laker

Update 2:

So magic has as much range as kobe? magic could score 81 points in a game with ZONE defense!? thats at least 2-3 different defenses a night which Kobe picks apart. Magic could dominate Lebron James? competition? let me remind you..kobe scored 55 points against Jordan! kobe played against reggie miller, dwayne wade, lebron, kevin garnett, tim duncan, jason kidd, steve nash, shaquille oneal, etc. magic played against rick barry and larry bird, moses malone, and barkely!!! lol please.

Update 3:

So magic has as much range as kobe? magic could score 81 points in a game with ZONE defense!? thats at least 2-3 different defenses a night which Kobe picks apart. Magic could dominate Lebron James? competition? let me remind you..kobe scored 55 points against Jordan! kobe played against reggie miller, dwayne wade, lebron, kevin garnett, tim duncan, jason kidd, steve nash, shaquille oneal, etc. magic played against rick barry and larry bird, moses malone, and barkely!!! lol please.

Update 4:

Magic has never made a defensive team! Kobe = 9 times. That is what seperates him. Throughout his career he can guard between point guard- foward. So thats pretty darn close to all positions. He can also post up with guards- fowards guarding him. His offensive weaponry is way beyond magic's. skills even with shaq on his team, he still managed to average 28 points per game! thats 28! with the most dominate player in the league. aka sharing the ball. Kobe also works the harderst and has the killer instinct and sheer desire to win. The most the nba has seen ever. He has defined his game to a limit that magic can never touch. You cannot tell me magic couldve played all positions for even a full postseason. But can kobe play full seasons go deep into the postseason and olympics in the summer at age 30? yes. He is now the lakers all time scorer and still playing the game as the best in the league. He is the G.L.O.A.T!old 80's fans need to grow up and give him his due.

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    1. Magic makes EVERYONE better. Kobe cares about his legecy. That's why his career finals field goal percent is 39%. He just wants to be known as the best, even if it screws his team. Why today, he went 1-6 in the 4th, even though he hit the GW, if he has better shot selection, it wouldn't have been needed.

    2. Magic can play all 5 positions. How many rookies point guards would score 42 points, 15 rebounds and 8 assists, while playing in game 6 of the NBA finals AS A CENTER, against a hall of famer! That's 1000x more impressive than 81 points against the Raptors.

    3. Competiton better. That's when you lost me. For starters. defensive 3 seconds, the no charge zone, and hand checks are designed to make life easy for Kobe and Lebron. Then look at the teams. The modern Celtics are nothing compared the the 80s celtics of Bird, McHale, Parish, Johnson, Walton, Maxwell, Ainge, ect. Do the Magic compare to the Badboy Pistons, NO. Or the Cavs to the 76ers with DR J, Moses Malone, Cheeks, Barkley, Dawkins. Or even teams like the Rockets with Sampson and Olajuwon or the Jazz with Stockton and Malone, or even young MJs bulls, or the Nelllie ball Bucks. You clearly lack knowledge of our games history.

    4. Kobe has 1 finals MVP and 1 MVP. Magic has 3 finals MVPs and 3 MVPs

    5. Total acheivemets, it's not close. Any way you look at it, magic has the nod. I mean, the guy literally shots 10% higher from the field than Kobe. He is the ulitmate team player. He had to go agaisnt Bird, the Dj J, and played in the touhest era of basketball, epecially for swingmen. I mean, there are probably 25 players form the 80s in the HOF. Try going against legends on a nightly basis.

    NExt time, do some research so you can avoid getting embarrassed again. Your lucky that its only me, and not someone who knows you.


    I shouldn't even respond to your shear stupidity, but its for your own good.

    1. Zone defense, please. Watch what Dirk says about zone

    Youtube thumbnail

    2. It's nothing compared to the addition of defensive 3 seconds, which completely opens the lanes for guys to drive with little help from centers. That's why we have Dwight Howard leading the league w 2-3 blocks vs the 80s and 90s when Mark Eton lead the league with 5. Because big man could just camp there.

    3.Just look at the spike in scoring for after 00 when the league banned hand checks since the 00 finals had so few viewers. increase from 2000 to 2001

    T-Mac: 15.4 - 26.8

    Kobe: 22.5 - 28.5

    Vince: 25.7 - 27.6

    A.I: 28.4 - 31.1

    Kidd: 14.3 - 16.9

    Nash: 8.6 - 15.6

    Pierce: 19.5 - 25.3

    Marbury: 22.1 - 23.9

    You can't argue that. These players saw spikes from 3-6 ppg. MJ would be averaging 40 in the 2000s.

    4. Kobe scored 55 vs a 40 year old MJ. Really impressive.

    5. Kobe scored 81 vs the raptors. Does that compare to David Thompson's 73 pt game against 2 hall of famers, without a 3 point line, while taking 10 less shots. Or MJ's 63 pt game in the playoffs against the 86 CELTICS with a BROKEN FOOT. Or like previously mentioned, Magics 42-15-8 in game 6 against Moses Malone, saying he was a rookie point guard playing center against a legend.

    6. Rick Barry played 2 career games vs Magic at age 35. Shows how much you know.

    7. Here's a brief list of the guards and wings Magic faced on a nightly basis: Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippens, Adrian Dantley, Alex English, Bernard King, Dominique Wilkins, George Gervin, Isiah Thomas, Joe Dumar, Tim Hardaway, Mitch Richmond, Chris Mullins, Sydney Moncrief, Kevin Johnson, Julius Erving, Maurice Cheeks, Clyde Drexler, John Stockton, ect. Those are just the hall of famers/future hall of famers. That's not even including the hall of fame PF and C or any of the all star guards like Blackman or Price.

    8. Who cares about range. Magic shot 10% higher than Kobe and made everyone better, we already covered this. And if you want to talk about range, then I guess JR Smith is now a better player than Kobe.

    Honestly just stop, it's too easy to wail on little kids like you.

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    Apperantly you weren't watching the NBA in the 80s. Cause Magic is a much better all around player than Kobe.

    Reason 1) Magic (along with Bird) made the NBA watchable again. This league was so bad in the late 70s nobody went to the games. While Kobe brings in a crowd. He didn't really save the NBA.

    Reason 2) Magic was so good he was a natural PG, who played as a C, as a rookie, in the NBA Finals and almost had a triple double. I don't think Kobe could do that, but Magic could and did cover Centers and Guards.

    Reason 3) Statistics PPG APG RBG

    Magic's 19.5 11.2 7.2

    Kobe 25.3 4.6 5.3

    Magic Nearly averaged Triple double for his career Kbe has come no where close. So how Can Kobe be an all around better player?

    Edit: Thank you Miles. Tell this fool because he problem is some Young Kid who never saw Magic.

    Source(s): Those are just top 3 reasons. But to say Kobe was better than Magic is just dumb.
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    Well, I had a lot to say, but "Miles" pretty much pwned that azz, so I'll abbreviate my answer a bit.

    Magic really did make everyone better, seriously. He almost forces his teammates into the right play and always has the defense on his heels with the way he pushed the ball constantly. I can't go into detail how sick Magic was, just wish you'd been there see his game. 5 MVP's, 9 conference titles, 3 FMVP's.

    Kareem is a 6 time MVP and the all-time leading scorer. Won 5 rings with the Lakers, so no, he can't leap frog Kareem.

    Shaq is a 3 time FMVP and 3 time champ with the Lakers. I can't put him over Shaq.

    The highest I can consider putting him is 4th, over guys like Baylor, West, and Wilt...but it's BAYLOR, WEST, AND WILT, lol.

    Don't be mad, it's just that the Lakers have had some of the absolute greatest players of all-time.

    The highest I can go is 4th or 5th with Kobe.

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    Kobe will get an A plus for being a participant. D for being a well man or woman. (I am a lifelong Laker fan incidentally.) Okay----we will deliver him the advantage of the doubt bout the rape....however he nonetheless cheated on his NEW WIFE, then purchased her a goofy rock to assuage her, he accused Karl Malone of hitting on his spouse, Kobe's father and mother had been estranged from Kobe (hmmmm. Wonder why.), Kobe dissed Bynum within the offseason, Kobe mentioned he desired to be a Laker for existence (after Shaq left) then used to be unique presents from the L.A. Clippers. Let's now not disregard how he used to be a whiner a couple of years in the past while he refused to take a unmarried shot the complete recreation. Why? Because he bought his emotions harm while persons referred to as him a ball hog. Oh, and Kobe additionally trashed Phil Jackson, Dr. Buss, and Mitch. Yeah---Kobe is a fine ball participant---however it's handy to look why such a lot of dislike him---adding me. Glad he's a Laker however I suppose off the court docket he's a WORLD CLASS JERK. Some of you Laker lovers have blinders on. And it indicates!

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    Even with all that said I still have to go with Magic. Kobe is a great player, top 3 Laker of all-time, but Magic, with Birds help, made the NBA into what it is today. How can anyone put Kobe over Showtime!?

    Edit: GREAT answer by Miles, couldn't of said it any better.

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  • heres a few resons why,

    1.magic is versitile can play all positions kobe cant

    2. magic and mj made their teammates better

    3. kobe is a bonehead of a player doesnt know when to shoot or when to pass

    4. your to blinded by the spectacular

    5. that 81 point game was against one of the worst teams of the decade and bosh wasnt even playing

    6. championships is a very small part of a players legacy + kobe was only a leader for one of them and his lost to a whole lot of teams that were worse than the lakers in a playoff series

    i could go on but your very blind from the spectacular, kobe is a great player but i think there are at least 30 players better than him in nba history

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    I don't think I need to say more on this. LOL! It's pretty obvious that you only started watching NBA in the 2000s and never saw the good ol' days of NBA (which I'm fortunate enough to witness the Lakers-Celtics or Bird-Magic rivalry). I think you're below 17 age bracket kidd.

  • Right "NOW" it's still MAGIC.......But Kobe has alot of Basketball still left.....

    and by the way.....Magic>Jordan(6 titles in the watered down 90's is nowhere near 5 titles and 9 NBA Finals apearances in the GREAT 80's)

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    Kobe is indisputably the best player in the league right now. Of all-time? Well, he is definitely a candidate.

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    Look sorry to bust you bubble hun but compared to Lebron, Kobe's GARBAGE!

    LBJ goes way harder than Kobe..he may not have his rings yet but still has more power talent and love for the game!!!!


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