gay community in Mexico?

what is it like ?

is it dangerous to be gay in Mexico ?

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    Yes, in the small towns, it would be dangerous in Mexico. On the other hand in most big cities, it's more accepted. For example, Guadalajara has huge gay community there. Any city where there are American tourists, it's more accepting, which is driven by American dollars!

    I lived in Mexico briefly, and used to see a lot of American men come down Mexico to have a good time with the boys. Even if Mexican men identify as heterosexual, they are "Flexible" as long you treat them like a "man." A lot guys are discreet and have mannerisms that are masculine in smaller towns, however, I noticed feminine men/drag queens in the big cities.

    Side Bar: A great Mexican Gay movie to see is Don Herlinda and her Son or in Spanish, Dona Herlinda y su Hijo. I think this movie shows acceptance from the family and friends to a certain extent, however, the cultural and Machismo roles are interesting to see how it plays out.

  • 10 years ago

    as a mexican, to be gay is dangerous, in the aspect if you are obviously feminine but if you aren't there is no problem, gay marriage is debating, so the law is freezing in mexico city. but mexico city is a good place for being gay in mexico.. it's opening.. the violence in the country is not very common against gay people.. it has another purpose.. politic..

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    10 years ago

    Gay people can get married on mexico, but they are so chauvinistic there, so i don't know...

  • with the violence over there..i wouldnt go there at all...wait for 10 years or more

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  • well, i'm alive and doing pretty well

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