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How to obtain some amount of blood from yourself?

I know you have to use syringe..but that's about all i know.

Which site do you stick the syringe in....and do you have to tie yourself down..and is it possible to do all of this by youself?

I need it for my art work.

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    First of all, I am all about the arts, but incorporating your own blood into it-well I am pretty sure that it has already been done several times that idea really has lost the originality factor. Why don't you think of something else instead? Especially something that you can do without posing any risk to yourself.

    If you must do this then you are going to need a bit more than a syringe. You will need a sterile needle to attach to that syringe as will you need some type of anticoagulant to keep the blood you draw up from clotting. If you have no anticoagulant in there then that blood you draw up is going to turn into what is commonly known as a "blood slug" and it is not going to be worth a crap for much of anything. The best way to do it is to obtain a vacutainer set up. I do not know what kind of clearance you need to order the stuff but you can look on Fisher Scientific website and see if you can order the supplies. Maybe you could ask a pal who is a medical tech or a nurse to draw some of your blood for you using proper tools and equipment.

    The safest thing you can do is to go to the pharmacy and get some sterile lancets and just do some finger sticks and get your blood that way. If you can find some Na citrate then you can pop a bit of that in there to keep it from clotting....but this technique really is not going to yield much blood. I still highly recommend going for a different "shock factor"....

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    Buy fake blood from a costume shop.

    All blood [ human and animal ] carries diseases, and the art work may be destroyed if teachers find out.

    You can seriously damage yourself if you don't know how to draw blood.

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    No. Wrong.

    You can actually injure yourself if you don't know what you're doing, and you don't know what you're doing.

    Choose a different medium, or go with animal blood. Find a butcher shop - I'll bet they can get oy some.

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