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Did China threaten the US according to this article?

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    China has been trying to destroy the USA economically for years. They don't have to threaten us now, all they have to do is call in our debt or stop selling their products here since we don't make anything here, we buy it all from China, right down to the concentrate to make apple juice. (Check your labels.) China owns many of the companies that make the batteries that power a lot of our military hardware.

    What is really ironic is that these people who claim that Obama is weaker than Bush are obviously stupid or don't pay attention. A US spy plane was forced down over Chinese territory in April of 2001. Bush was all tough rhetoric at first but finally had to go hat in hand to get it back. The crew was released but we got the spy plane back in tiny pieces. Bush didn't do a thing but say thank you very much, here have some more no tariff free market and the most favored nation spot so you can completely steal our manufacturing base.

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    the guy above has a quite stable answer. Wars are not fought at that time anymore, nevertheless, the place mass casualties are a purpose; it is greater geopolitics and a few squaddies take the hit here and there, yet no longer just about the uncooked numbers of casualties as interior the nineteenth-twentieth centuries, so China having over 1000000000 human beings is basically hyped up. yet the two international locations are sturdy adequate the place one section does no longer invade the different. greater so, the wars that could desire to take place could be greater below-the-table as for information, including how we subsidized Afghanistan vs. Russia and how Russia/China helped North Korea/Vietnam vs. us. nevertheless, if China needs, they probable could desire to take over lots of Asia. i'm not sure if it is their purpose, nevertheless. they have adequate issues coping with their very own destructive. Why difficulty approximately different destructive international locations?

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    Let's just say that reckless moves like this can move the hands on the doomsday clock closer to midnight.

    0bama is banking on China making a lot of noise, but in the final analysis, being ready to negotiate a deal that will stop this sale of arms to Taiwan

    China can be just as careless and have its surrogate N.Korea start another internatioal threat. It's a dangerous game these super powers play. Knowing the poor international skills 0bama is lacking, I'm not sure that I am comfortable relying on his instincts when it comes to China and its warlike intentions.

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    China has been threatening us for years, but never did anything beyond threaten. However. China., like many other countries respect strength. They see Obama as a weak president, so they are going to push a lot harder than they would have against Bush, or even Clinton.

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    the only threat they present is economic. They pay for our debt. But in a military confrontation, we would easily win - read a book. In the 90s Clinton sent two American Nimtz Class Carriers near China to stop violence in Taiwan. The presence of those carriers made the Chinese behave a little more civil...

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    It has been widely publicized that China threatens the U.S. and will nuke the West Coast as soon as they have reliable intercontinental missiles for a few decades. Whats your point?

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    Yes. All signs lead to preparation for war. Dumitru Duduman, prophet of God from Romania, said he had a vision where the chinese leader and russian leader came together to launch an all out attack against US. America needs to repent for all the war mongering, abortions, murders, lying, sexual crimes, crimes with children, etc. You can see this prophet on you tube. Very sobering.

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    No, other way around, China thought America threatened them.

    Nowehere do I see a threat, only that they would stop cooperation in some things.

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    Alberts America doesnt know what he is talking about half the times.

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