List of people who actively fought slavery?

Who helped stop slavery in America? How?

Who can we give credit to for ending slavery?

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    I assume we are only speaking of American slavery here.

    And, that list is simply too large to copy on here.

    Here is the site for the full list, please note, you'll have to separate the Canadians and British from the Americans.

    American Abolitionists;

    Abigail Adams (American Presidential Wife and activist)

    John Adams (American President)

    John Quincy Adams (American President)

    Bronson Alcott (American)

    Louisa May Alcott (American)

    Richard Allen (former slave, American Methodist)

    Susan B. Anthony (American)

    Gamaliel Bailey (American)

    Henry Ward Beecher (American)

    Anthony Benezet (American)

    John Bingham - Jayhawker and Senator (American)

    William Henry Brisbane (American)

    John Brown (American)

    Aaron Burr (American politician)

    Benjamin Butler (American)

    Elizabeth Buffum Chace (American activist)

    Maria Weston Chapman (American)

    Salmon P. Chase (American)

    Lydia Maria Child (American)

    Cassius Marcellus Clay (American)

    Levi Coffin (American)

    Sydney Collins (American)

    Samuel Cornish (Presbyterian of African heritage, American)

    Martin Delany (son of a slave, American)

    Richard Dillingham (American)

    Frederick Douglass (former slave, American politician)

    Kyle Dubuc (American)

    Ralph Waldo Emerson (American)

    Charlotte Forten (American)

    James Forten (American)

    Benjamin Franklin (American)

    Amos Noë Freeman (American)

    John C. Frémont (American)

    Henry Highland Garnet (American)

    Thomas Garret (American)

    William Lloyd Garrison (American)

    Jack Gladstone (Demeraran slave)

    Ulysses Grant (American)

    Horace Greeley (American)

    Angelina Grimké (American)

    Sarah Moore Grimké (American)

    Alexander Hamilton (American)

    Theophilus Harrington (American)

    Laura Smith Haviland (American)

    Lewis Hayden (former slave, American)

    Hinton Rowan Helper (enemy of slaveowners, American)

    James Butler "Wild Bill" Hickok (American)

    Elias Hicks (American)

    Isaac Hopper (American)

    Julia Ward Howe (American)

    Samuel Gridley Howe (American)

    Robert G. Ingersoll (American)

    John Jay (American)

    Absalom Jones

    Abby Kelley

    Joseph Ketley

    William Knibb

    James H. Lane (Senator)

    Benjamin Lay

    Hart Leavitt (American), Underground Railroad operator, Massachusetts

    Joshua Leavitt (American), editor of the abolitionist newspaper The Emancipator

    Roger Hooker Leavitt (American), Underground Railroad operator, Massachusetts

    Abraham Lincoln (American President)

    Jermain Loguen (former slave, American)

    Elijah Lovejoy (American)

    James Russell Lowell (American)

    Maria White Lowell (American)

    Samuel Joseph May (American)

    Lucretia Mott (American)

    John Parker (abolitionist) (former slave, American)

    Theodore Parker (American)

    Wendell Phillips (American)

    James Shepherd Pike (American), journalist

    Mary Ellen Pleasant (American)

    John Wesley Posey (American)

    Gabriel Prosser (insurrectionist, American Slave)

    Robert Purvis (American)

    Ernestine Rose (American)

    Benjamin Rush (a founder of America)

    Dred Scott

    William H. Seward, Secretary of State under Lincoln (American)

    Edwin Stanton, Secretary of War under Lincoln

    Elizabeth Cady Stanton

    Henry Stanton

    Lucy Stone (American)

    Harriet Beecher Stowe (American)

    Charles Sumner (American)

    Arthur Tappan (American)

    Henry David Thoreau (American)

    Joseph Tracy (American)

    Sojourner Truth (American)

    Harriet Tubman abolitionist (American)

    Nat Turner insurrectionist, former slave (American)

    Denmark Vesey insurrectionist, former slave (American)

    Benjamin Wade (American)

    David Walker (abolitionist) (son of a slave, American)

    Samuel Ringgold Ward (born into slavery, American)

    Walt Whitman (American)

    Henry Wilson (American Vice President)

    John Woolman (American Quaker)

    List of African-American abolitionists

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    People Who Fought Against Slavery

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