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Engineering details please?

I know there are a lot of different types of engineering, but what are a few of them and what exactly do engineers do?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    In short, engineer bring discoveries in the laboratory to the market. Some engineer types:

    Chemical engineers: Usually work in petroleum plants designing and/or monitor processes to produce products from crude oil. They can also work in pharmaceutical productions, water utility, power utility, research, etc...

    Civil engineers: Infrastructure and structure design. They build buildings and structures that support those buildings. Road, houses, dams, etc...

    Environmental engineers: Basically a mix of civil and chemical engineers. They specialize in air or water. Air engineers work at your nearest air quality bureau, consultants for air pollutions. Water engineers work with anything that have to do with water, this could range from waste water treatment, water purification, consultants, landfill, etc...

    Biochemical engineers: are chemical engineers with less chemical training and more biological (enzyme, bugs...) training. Usually work in pharmaceutical company doing drugs manufacture or research.

    There's also mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, computer science engineer... I don't know much about them to give details. A friend of mine is a CSE and she does AI as well as building simulation for military.

  • 1 decade ago

    Engineers apply science and mathematics to solve problems. A few of the more common types include Electrical, Civil, Mechanical and Chemical.

    Electrical engineers deal with the application of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism. Mechanical engineers primarily deal with the generation and application of heat and mechanical power. Civil engineers deal with the design, construction and maintenance of physical works such as bridges, roads, canals, dams and buildings. Chemical engineers deal with converting raw materials or chemicals into more useful or valuable forms.

    If you enjoy mathematics and science, you might enjoy a career in engineering. As for the type, I would suggest you look in your community for businesses that employ engineers, and contact them for more information about their work. Most engineering disciplines have professional societies that share information. These include IEEE (electrical), ASME (mechanical) and AIChE (chemical).

    Source(s): I am an Electrical Engineer
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    5 years ago

    despite the fact that it's proper that commercial & construction (IP) guides are very similar to that of mechanical one , but if you'll observe for process, you could no longer fall within the eligible standards, in particular with regards to PSUs & Govt jobs. However, within the reward senario firms do do not forget this department additionally however it's nonetheless no longer completely put into effect. So, i endorse greater to pick mech. if viable.

  • 1 decade ago

    Civil, electrical, mechanical, nuclear.............

    They design, build, operate different things.Civil makes buildings, bridges,roads, tunnels etc

    Electrical makes transmission lines,power stations, motors, etc

    Mechanical makes boilers, engines,turbines,locomotives....

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