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What do you think about Colombia?

Key ally of the USA in South America

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    Colombia is a country with 45 million people and 10 bad guy's who made a bad reputation for the country ,6 of them are dead 3 are in US jails and 1 is the leader for the main guerrillas group named las farc.

    bad reputation for over 20 years ,Colombia still hold the bad reputation as a drug dealer country, nothing different or worse of what is Mexico now.

    Bud Colombia is a paradise who not everybody know very well out the Colombia's land.

    Colombia have wonder full beaches, towns, many historical places,as well the normal crime rates in a big cities like NY, LA, Detroit and others.

    Colombia offers the diversity of climes from ocean beaches to snow picks,in just couple hours of driving, Colombia is a solid country with a democracies government as same is US ,for some ones is great goverment for others is bad but in general speaking ,Colombia been clean the bad guys and bad reputation over the past 10 years.

    In Colombia you cn found beaches, jungles, mountains,extreme sports, international champions at sports like bicyclist,weight lifting, nascar,F1,Musicman and other artistes,

    visit you tube and look for Colombia is passion, colombia take the risk,,

    Source(s): proud to be Colombian , US resident
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Good coffee. Beautiful women. Pretty white stuff in plastic bags.

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