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What is the largest memory card that will work in a Canon Powershot A560?

I have a Canon Powershot A560, and I have been using a 512 MB SD card in it. I want a bigger one because I keep filling this one up at inopportune times. How big of a card can I use? I'm thinking of getting a 4GB card but I'll get an 8GB card if it works and it's cheap.

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  • GamBit
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    1 decade ago
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    4GB will cost about $20 and 8GB around $40 Australian dollars but, you can get them cheaper on ebay. Yes, they will work and infact, you can even get 16GB these days but, I think that is an overkill. 512MB will only hold couple of hundred photos so, it is practical move to go bigger. I would think about 2 or 4 Gb would be plenty (unless you are planning on taking some video as well..) as if you get really big card and if you don't download or delete photos regularly, it gets hard to find photo you are looking for. Also, consider using SDHC card as they will give you slightly better quality.

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  • arlina
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    4 years ago

    in case you have a card that got here with the digicam use if for a collectively as and notice if it works out for you. that's recommended to get one greater battery instead. Our Powershot 410 makes use of battery ability long till now the cardboard is crammed. noticeably in case you employ the flash. the 2d battery will continuously are available in obtainable. the greater suitable battery is availabel on the Canon website.

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    It doesnt matter as long as the card fit and i think the largest memory card as a SD card is 16 GB at

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