West Point requirements?

What is an average act score and gpa and or other requirements to be eligible to go to west point

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    See the West Point Class of 2013 Profile:


    However, I believe the figures quoted there are on the low side because they include approximately 250 students who spend a year at USMAPS, who are almost exclusively recruited athletes or students recruited to meet certain other academy goals, but who are not scholastically competitive for a service academy without additional prep beyond high school. The stats given in Usafa's Class of 2013 profile are probably more indicative of the range for a pre candidate not recruited to meet athletic or other academy goals, since they do not include USAFAPS students.


    The selection process is nearly identical at West Point, Annapolis, and the Air Force Academy. The biggest difference is probably in the qualifying medical standards and waivers granted for varying medical conditions.

    Great advice to prep for any service academy is offered on the Usafa website:


    [Be sure to open all links to the left of the dialog box.]

    It is helpful to read the first chapter of the Air Force Academy catalog on Admissions. The weighting of the whole candidate score for the average candidate(non recruited) by which selection decisions are made is depicted on the top of page 7.


    The academies consider the Academic composite.

    Academic Composite=PAR + Standardized test scores

    PAR = Weighted GPA + Class rank based on weighted GPA.

    The Academic Composite which makes up about 60% of the Whole Candidate Score, as noted in the Pie Chart at the above link.

    Usna Class of 2013 Portrait shows similar accomplishments:


    It is helpful to understand the three tiered nature of competition for an appointment, and that each MOC(candidates rep or senator) can have five nominated cadets/mids at each of the four service academies that use nominations at any point in time, so 20 total. Uscga does not use nominations. For each vacancy due to graduation or other separation from the academy, an MOC can nominate 10 cadets to compete for the appointment.

    1) National competition for an LOA(letter of assurance)


    [Note: appointments on an LOA are not charged off to the nominating MOC]

    2) Competition within nominating sources

    3) National competition for declined offers of appointment, strictly according to whole candidate scores.

    Be sure to apply for the summer seminars at the Air Force Academy, Naval Academy, and West Point during Junior year. This year the Air Force Academy began accepting Summer Seminar applications on Dec 1 and West Point on Dec 14 and . Usna opens for Summer Seminar on Feb 1 and is the best chance to attend a summer seminar. 2200 places v 1000 at West Point and 1100 at the Air Force Academy. Make sure that you have practiced to knock off a maxed out CFA at Summer Seminar.





    Prep for the SAT and ACT and take both till you have scores in LOA range. The Math on the SAT is limited to Algebra 1, Geometry and Algebra 2. The ACT includes Trigonometry. There are three SAT test dates left this year. Don't have your scores sent to anyone at this point, except of course the summer seminars if you are a Junior. If you are a team captain that will also help as the academies consider team captain to be significant leadership, around 2/3 of each service academy class are team captains. Be sure to compete for selection to Boy's State during Junior year as the service academies consider Boy's State a very high form of leadership and recruit at Boy's State events.If you are not an NHS member, do the community service needed to apply and be selected. Again the academies consider NHS to be a sign of leadership and around 2/3 of each class have been NHS members. If you have any questions about the above, let me know.

    Good Luck!

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    indexed below are the the thank you to be an officer: a million) West factor is for the army purely. Marines bypass to Annapolis with the army. 2) ROTC in college is the place maximum officers come from at present. that's a school software at maximum universities. 3) OCS is the 0.33 thank you to strengthen into an officer. that's the place you the two bypass to school first or attend college collectively as enlisted. once you get your 4 year degree, you prepare for Officer Candidate college. 4) strengthen right into a physician or criminal expert and direct fee. As to your questions: that's as much as you. Marines spend different time on ships and are frequently a mild battling stress (which skill they try walking). the army is gigantic, keeps to be completely on land, and has mild, wheeled and heavy forces (combat walking, combat with wheeled vehicles helping, battling with tanks and different heavy vehicles.) What you may desire to commence with is what type of interest do you like. There are some issues the army does that the Marines have not got, and a few issues the Marines have that the army does not. as an occasion, the army has scientific workers/officers, the Marines do no longer, the Marines have fighter jet pilots, the army does not. military and Marine pay is the same. An E1 is and E1, and O1 is and O1. no rely if or no longer they are military, army, Air stress or Marines makes no difference. +++++++++++ West factor is for the army purely. The army and Air stress now and lower back permit human beings circulate with the aid of fact they have been downsizing and individuals volunteered to alter. West factor and the army does not enable it becuse the army is frequently wanting officers. +++++++++++++ As an officer, you don't get to %. your interest. you put in a desire-record on your junior year of school. They then journey up your desire-record to their desires. in the event that they desire greater Quartermaster officers that year, you may properly be a quartermaster. additionally, whilst infantry, you may properly be a platoon chief for a year or so, then the unit would make you the battalion S1 the subsequent year. As an officer, there will be jobs the place you take a seat at the back of a table all day. there will be jobs the place you're with troops too. As you progression around, those jobs replace.

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