Is it to early for my lime plant to be blooming?

I live in Atlanta GA and I purchased the lime plant early summer of last year. It is in a pot and it has been inside by a window for the last three months or so. It had no limes on it when i purchased it last year. The plant is about three feet tall. It has two, which looks to be very small bloom in one of the smaller branches right by the a thorn and up to four more barely noticeable "blooms" scartered around. It is way to cold to put it outside and im sure its not getting half the sun it should. Are they blooms and what should I do next?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    They probably are blooms - no surprise since fruit trees bloom pretty reliably if the conditions are right which they apparently are for yours. Mine bloom off and on all winter. Sometimes small fruit also. You need do nothing except put it outdoors when your weather is suitable.

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