My computer shows nothing but a blue screen and a pop saying Windows explorer has stopped working =( help plz?

For the past few days my computer has been doing this and when I put it in safe mode it tells me I have the netsky virus, well ive done scans (specifically for this virus) and it says I dont have the virus, and now when i start it in safe mode i no longer get the message, but now all i get is this blue screen ( no words or letters on

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    In most cases, the build up of junk files in your registry is the main culprit of this trouble; this is due to the fact that area in your computer is very crucial because it is the central database of important files where most vital information and programs are stored. The accumulation of redundant items can significantly affect vital data because the build up can dislodge some of them from its proper location and cause others to be corrupted. The moment this scenario takes place, problems start to emerge and the dreaded blue screen of death appear which you need to immediately repair to prevent worsening the case.Consequently, one of the best solutions in managing the situation is to use registry cleaning tools with great power and capacity to completely flush out all junk files and fix all errors found. By effectively keeping this area clean from all trashes, you can also effectively solve the problem and even optimize your computer's performance.

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    It sounds like " The blue screen of death" Go here , and the people will guide on what programs to get your comp up and running again. They will probaly ask you to post a hijack this log. They will explain how to do that too.

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    to characteristic to what somebody else referred to, before I reinstalled homestead windows, i might run uncomplicated attempt to verify my hardware against mess ups. particularly contained whilst it comes to the hardpersistent, even possibly attempt a clean IDE cable and attempt it a 2nd time. occasion, western digital has equipment you could acquire, that properly attempt thepersistent for undesirable sectors, smart status, ect..., I certainly have 2 drives, that fail on the the fast attempt, the drives artwork, yet will at times supply a blue exhibit screen, via fact they are defective., additionally verify your memory, in case you could attempt working with a million stick, and notice what happens, if comparable venture attempt yet another stick. memory blunders are undesirable, sense they are hard to correctly verify against.

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