Someone with local server expertise: How to uninstall WampServer completely so that I can reinstall it?

I had installed WampServer a few months ago ( to play around with some Wordpress code. I got that all working fine, including installing Wordpress. Some time after that I did a system restore on my computer and tried to reinstall WampServer again, (not realizing that it was still on my system) and now I can't get the control panel to show up. I keep getting a login page, and it doesn't recognize my username and password I created initially. I didn't realize that all of those files were still on my system, and now I can't view the code locally or get to the admin page. I think the problem is that I didn't successfully remove all of the old folders, which were relocated (I think?). I also tried deleting the WAMP folder off of my C drive, and then tried to reinstall the WampServer, but I'm still running into the same problem. I'm thinking I didn't get rid of everything.

I basically want to start over fresh and reinstall everything from scratch. Help is greatly appreciated.


Running Windows XP on PC

Update 2:

I did a search for the htaccess files, per Toms suggestion, no such file exists. ???

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago
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    do a search for all .htaccess files on your local machine and delete them.

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