Hinduism:-Why is Shiva worshiped if he's a destroyer, is it fear?Why Brahma,Vishnu and Shiva are told creator?

preserver and destroyer respectively? What is the...need of this concept of ........creator, preserver and destroyer?


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    We assume destruction is a bad thing. But if you look at the bigger picture, its a part of the cycle of existence. There cannot be creation without destruction. These Gods represent the forces that act in each of these in the known Universe. You have to look at the bigger picture.

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    I think you might need to be careful with Shiva. Shiva is seen in many different ways in Hinduism. Shiva is also seen as creative as his essence is found in all the energies of the world and because of that is worshiped also for fertility. In Hindu legend Shiva saves the world repeatedly, but Shiva's many hands give out both blessing and wrath, one position shows fear not while the others indicate wrath and imply freedom. So to some Shiva is seen as creator, preserver and destoyer.

    All of this ties to the flow of nature to the Hindu, going from destruction/death, to rebirth and renewal. All of it is balanced.

    When it comes to Hinduism it is hard however to say which way is the specific way, since there are many paths and many different ways many times when you say one thing about a deity others believe the opposite, ultimately all of the gods are just one of the many faces of Brahman -the ultimate being

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    Life itself is an example of all 3 phases - Creation, maintenance and destruction/death. In thermodynamics we learn that in the material world, a perpetual machine (which runs all by itself without any external work) is impossible. So all processes must have a beginning, a life (where they need external support) and the end. We see this process even in the mental world of ideas and emotions. Ideas are created and have some life after which they are discarded. Similar process is seen in emotions. Anger and Fear are born, stay for a while and then disappear. It is not possible to retain anger and also have a peaceful state of mind at the same time. So is the case with happiness and sorrow. So nature needs one emotion to die before the next one is born and maintained. This process seems universal in nature and the trinity concept is symbolic of all such transient things in material world. Whenever a new idea or a new generation is born, the older one dies its natural death. This can be seen in all life forms as well as in seasons. When winter is over, spring is born and then after some time, it makes way for summer and so on. Human progress needs the destruction of invalid old ideas or living beings to make way for a better society or a better generation. Since space on earth is finite you need death/destruction of the old for new life to take its place or else earth would become so crowded that there will not be any space left for the next generation. This process seems to be eternal despite the creation and destruction of so many material world items.

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    Dear asker, Brahma is the Creating authority, Vishnu-the preserver and Shiva-the reconciling accounts of Karmas. But these powers are not self existing, they are governed/administered by their creator Lord.

    एका माई जुगति विआई तिनि चेले परवाणु ॥

    The One Divine Mother conceived and gave birth to the three deities.

    इकु संसारी इकु भंडारी इकु लाए दीबाणु ॥

    One, the Creator of the World; One, the Sustainer; and One, the Destroyer.

    जिव तिसु भावै तिवै चलावै जिव होवै फुरमाणु ॥

    He makes things happen according to the Pleasure of His Will. Such is His Celestial Order.

    ओहु वेखै ओना नदरि न आवै बहुता एहु विडाणु ॥

    He watches over all, but none see Him. How wonderful this is!

    {{{Guru Nanak Dev, Jap page 7}}}

    The God Shiva, worships on His creator Lord.

    दस अउतार राजे होइ वरते महादेव अउधूता ॥

    There were ten regal incarnations of Vishnu; and then there was Shiva, the renunciate.

    तिन्ह भी अंतु न पाइओ तेरा लाइ थके बिभूता ॥३॥

    He did not find Your limits either, although he grew weary of smearing his body with ashes. ||3||

    {{{Guru Arjan Dev Ji, Raag Soohee 747}}}

    Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva Gods are also under the Maya.

    पाइ ठगउली सभु जगु जोहिआ ॥

    Administering her poisons, she has overcome the whole world.

    ब्रहमा बिसनु महादेउ मोहिआ ॥

    She has bewitched Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

    गुरमुखि नामि लगे से सोहिआ ॥२॥

    Only those Gurmukhs who are attuned to the Naam are blessed. ||2||

    {{{Guru Arjan Dev Ji, Raag Aasaa 394}}}

    This is the reality sir, kindly don't mind, I bring the truth before people through scriptures.

    ब्रहमा बिसनु महादेउ त्रै गुण रोगी विचि हउमै कार कमाई ॥

    Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva suffer from the disease of the three gunas - the three qualities; they do their deeds in egotism.

    जिनि कीए तिसहि न चेतहि बपुड़े हरि गुरमुखि सोझी पाई ॥२॥

    Those wretch people who do not remember the One who created them; this understanding of the Lord is only obtained by those who become Gurmukh. ||2||

    {{{Guru Raam Daas Ji, Raag Soohee 735}}}

    Source(s): Guru Granth Sahib and meditation on name of Lord.
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    Why Is Shiva Worshipped

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    The destruction is only of the forms of matter and bodies while dissolution. Acc. to Vedas/Upanishads, Shiva or even BrahmaN has no powers to destroy any 'Primordial matter and Athma/Jivas' as they are immortal, they reexist as subtle/unmanisfest entities back in the BrahmaN's body. Thus, Sri Krishna says in the Gita verse 18:66, 'Do not fear; Ma shuchah'.

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    who tell u lord shiva is a destroyer, go and correct ur concept.

    I am very sure that ur source of this knowledge is some kind of stupid channels and any one 8 passed pandit.

    in hindunizm we worshiped both the "nirgun"(who dont have specific shape, like muslins do) and "sagun"( who have particular shape e.g. lord Bhrama, Vishnu, shiva) roop of lords, as well as we pray them "Avtars" also, now come to ur query dude,

    lord shiva is a peacefull among them, when a person going to die ,lord shiva keep his right feet on his chest and pull his sole for "yamdoot:, due to yamdev or yamdoot both cant have the right to pull pran from a persons body, they only decide what to do with his sole accordingly. so SHIVA were not be considered a creater as well as distroyer anywhere.only Bhrama is a creater or Vishmu has department for furnished the Mother earth by all blessings. i have very huge range concepts upon hindunism. but it is sufficient for u ,I think

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    Anything created has birth, growth and decay. Every second hundreds of cells in the body dies and hundreds born, hundreds live on sustenance. So, Shiva takes care of the dead/clear the dead for the new to occupy, Brahma takes care of the birth and the Vishnu, the maintenance. It is not fear but a great functionary to aid the natural process of creation without which world would have been ridden with garbage if Shiva does not clear it making way for the new life to occur and prosper.

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    No, it is not out of fear. Destroyer doesn't always mean a villain. The thing which is created will be destroyed one day. That is the fact. He is just doing his job.

    People worship him because he is very kind though he is a destroyer. Destruction is done for recreation only.

    Source(s): www.whyhinduism.com
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    Absolutely not. To a saivite Hindu, Shiva is the creator, preserver and destroyer. As "Dancing With Shiva" says:

    "God Siva is all and in all, one without a second, the Supreme Being and only Absolute Reality. He is Pati, our Lord, immanent and transcendent. To create, preserve, destroy, conceal and reveal are His five powers. Aum"

    We love Shiva as the one who gives everything, and will take away all that is not permanent or is illusionary.

    This is similar to the Vishnavite belief; Krishna says "I am, destroyer of the worlds, and I have come to engage all people. With the exception of you [the Pandavas], all the soldiers here on both sides will be slain" - Gita 11:32

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    It's not fear. Shiva is the creator and destroyer. He had created this world according to Indian mythology. He destroyes this world only after a fixed period of time.. So don't worry. It won't trouble you....

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