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co workers doing drugs in a drug free work place?

I work in a drug free job but we stopped doing drug testing when the new manager came in.I think he is the one stopping drug testing because he does drugs.He does it with another coworker I work with. Well my coworker does not like me because I do not agree with some of the things he does because some of it is illegal.He then went to our manager and had the manager move me to a different place telling him I don't do any work at all. Even though i work my butt off and he is the one that doesn't do anything! Can i do anything about this? Should i go to the higher ups about this whole drug business going on??


bad_karma_kayla I KNOW for a fact that they do it and they both do not have a license for it.We work in a government facility in a military base.What do you mean if i didn't open my mouth i wouldn't of been moved? I never said anything in the first place to be moved.

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    Yep. Report them both to Human Resources.

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    Calm down and mind your own business. Its not your duty to keeps tabs on your co-workers. You wouldn't have been moved in the first place if you had just kept your mouth shut.

    Also be extra sure about your manager before you try and ruin his career with assumptions.

    They both probably have medical marijuana licenses anyway, it seems everyone does nowadays...

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