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Thinking of travelling to Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur?

Im thinking of driving down with a tent to the south coast of france. Does anyone have a good itinerary or knowledge of places to visit/stay on the way or in the area. Leaving from Calais for approximately 2 weeks and avoiding the stupid French toll roads.

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    Frankly it has been established that avoiding the toll roads will take a good slice of time and cost you marginally more in petrol and and overnight, unless you are keen on visiting places on the way and do it at leisure but do not mind spending less time down South.

    Once you are down there there is so much to explore: starting with the various southern cities of Avignon ( the Popes' city), Orange and Nimes (spectacular Roman buildings still intact) and the Pont du Gard which is absolutely magnificent Then onwards to Aix -en -Provence and Marseilles both famous and full of things to see and do . Have a look at the Camargue, with its wild horses and pink flamingos, and its fortified gypsy pilgrimage town of Saintes Maries de la mer. After which you follow the coast with all its little towns and the more famous resorts of Nice, Cannes and Monte Carlo and you can explore the back country with its quaint villages, perhaps making your way back partly on motorways and partly on ordinary roads. When we come back from there we follow the banks of the rivers Rhone and Saone, then through Burgundy without paying any tolls. When you have decided that you have seen enough you can then plan your return so as to come back at lesisure.

    It really depends on how quickly you want to reach your destination. You will find direct links to most places on the coast and sites of interest in Upper Provence on this site:


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    Avoiding the 'stupid' French toll roads you will need two to three days to get down (1200 kms of driving, 17 straight hours). And as many to get back to Calais. Unless you want to drive late at night. If you want to stop and visit you will have to add that to your trip time. On the way down you can visit Rouen, Chartres and its cathedral, Orleans the preferred city of the French kings. If you're not afraid of another hour of driving you can swing around the Loire Valley and visit one of the beautiful Renaissance castles there.

    Stop at Lyon for a good meal, a visit of the city, of the cathedral. Avignon is good for a stop too, the pope palace, the old city...

    And you've arrived in Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur.

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    confident, Grasse is the suited city for that query. via fact that's the city of physique spray in France. Grasse zip code is 06130 if it could assist you to. the element is lavander fields are not from now on interior the Côte d'Azur section yet greater in Western Provence, interior the département (French district) referred to as " Vaucluse " (N°80 4) particularly interior the Lubéron section.

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