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    I’m the Secretary of the Ontario Property and Environmental Rights Alliance, OPERA in shorthand, a provincial coalition of landowner organizations and trade associations. The OPERA mandate is “to protect, and entrench in law, the rights and responsibilities of private landowners against arbitrary restrictions and decisions of government”. Please note this mission statement reflects a balance between rights and responsibilities not often seen in the title, much less in the activities, of militant lobby groups dedicated to state confiscation of private property by regulation without compensation.

    Since its 1994 inception, OPERA has appeared at countless land use tribunals, consultations, studies, workshops and hearings convened by various agencies of senior government. In our experience, such gatherings are often initiated and conducted under 5

    common denominators (1) they’re usually dominated by civil servants, professional lobby groups and government facilitators all skilled in manufacturing so-called consensus (2) they’re advertised as open consultations but many require participant registration in advance (3) they’re later cited as demonstrating public knowledge and support for government legislation already enacted or in process (4) they’re designed around a narrow agenda that allows little time or opportunity for specific answers to critical questions (5) they’re never followed by publication of contrary views, unfavourable responses or cost/benefit queries that arise at such proceedings.

    However sensible, commendable, even noble, provincial legislation is represented to be at these meetings, the Regulations that define its later implementation and enforcement are never introduced there.

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    Instead, an army of unaccountable bureaucrats, land use planners, verbose lawyers, well paid consultants and graduate wordsmiths labour for months, even years, afterwards to produce reams of convoluted restrictions and prohibitions by which the lives and property of private

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    landowners shall henceforth be officially encumbered.

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