why is our president doing a bad job so far in office?

I'm writing a report on this so i would appreciate it if only the people who want to tell me why they think he is doing bad in office respond to this. T

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    10 years ago
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    500 days of lies....

    UH...first off forget the one below who said we have opinons. WE HAVE FACTS...democrats do not and cannot defend him otherwise they would NAME FACTS and not just scream at how we lie. TRUTH IS...THEY LIE..CONSTANTLY and there are LISTS and LISTS and LISTS of lies by them.


    and when the one above me said...watch the state of union address and the meeting with the GOP...they only televised what they wanted..not the whole thing. I suggest you find republicans who asked questions and bozo would not ANSWER THEM because he could not. Dems rewrite history..and there is PROOF of THAT time and time and time again. They passed THREE BILLS last year in Dec without even asking the republicans to come vote. Said they didn't need them. Why was half of AMERICA left out? THat is the first time in history the other side was not asked to vote on a bill and it was done THREE TIMES.

    CBO has stated time and time again...republicans are not obstructionists and that they had great suggestions that would save money and are better ideas. Think they televised that? NOPE..but you can find it on google. Dem was right here...do your own research...and do it well....don't listen to all dems...but find FACTS...and not DEMOCRATIC FACTS! They think there are more districts in states than there are and more states than there are ...and try to get money for them.

    BOZO Put up a site and asked AMERICANS to tattle on each other if they disagreed with him. (I turned myself in)

    Told three countries we were a MUSLIM nation....

    Ignored the military and called them selfish because we pay for their medical health benefits when they go to war....said it was a voluntary job...so they should pay their own...then called them home grown terrorists. IGNORED them for over a year.....

    Lied about being Muslim....WHY LIE? You can go to utube and type in OBAMA ADMITS MUSLIM FAITH and you will get THREE TIMES he is muslim and it comes out of his mouth....some people here REFUSE TO BELIEVE IT..even though he SAYS IT. They cant' believe him either!

    Gets on TV and calls AMERICANS names...such as anti government tea baggers, terrorists (when he doesnt' believe terrorists are a threat to this country).....

    Has done nothing for AMERICA. WORKED on fake global warming, health care, cap and trade, running up the deficiet when the MAJORITY of AMERICA is telling him to STOP!


    This is his agenda... ...read it. VERY enlightening.

    Said he would not work with lobbyists and then bought out the pharmacy companies with 90 billion dollars so they could keep their prices high and he would keep out Canadian drugs at a much cheaper rate.

    God..how do you put up his over 500 days of lies that make him a BAD BAD BAD president. His progressive actions....

    Now he is trying to push health care through again..even though AMERICA SAYS NO...and he said he wouldn't push it.... Nancy says...we can't go over the fence , under the fence, around the fence or through it...but WE WILL PARACHUTE INTO IT.

    What is wrong with that? HERE IS a START...

    Page 29 Lines 4-16

    Health care will be rationed. Only 5,000 PER INDIVIDUAL A YEAR and 10,000 per family

    Page 30

    A committee will decide what treatment and benefits you will recieve

    page 42 Health care commissioner will decide on those benefits

    page 50 Health care will be provided for ALL NON U.S CITIZESN ILLEGAL OR NOT

    page 58 Government will have real time access to your finances and a NATIONAL I.D card WILL BE ISSUED TO YOU

    Page 59 Government WILL have DIRECT ACCESS to your bank accounts for elective funds transfer

    You can see more here....


    Youtube thumbnail

    HE IS A VILLAGE IDIOT....why do you people insist on coming here and asking what is wrong with him. It would be easier to ask what is right about him.



    TONS OF LIES...one site has 150 of them...other pages not as many but up to 50 or 20 on each page.

    The man wants to ruin AMERICA...that is clear!




  • 10 years ago

    He is a progressive ideologue who has spent all his adult life as a social activist. He has a basic misunderstanding of business and has no executive or managerial experience of any kind. He has never exercised leadership before becoming president. During his time in the Illinois legislature he only voted "present".

    He ran as a liberal moderate and somehow has gotten the idea that the country wants his far left progressive agenda. His philosophy is that government is the solution to all of America's problems. This has been shown in the stimulus plan. This plan was supposed to stimulate private sector employment. All it has done is created government jobs and increase government budgets. the health care bill is a monstrous, bloated, bureaucratic mess that stinks on ice with unsustainable benefits. Why would Obama keep pushing for it to pass? Because the core of it provides the means to put government controls on the healthcare industry. That's the real goal. How to make the damn thing work can be figured out later......somehow.

    He is more interested in creating an idealistic socialistic paradise than letting proven free market solutions work.

  • Mike D
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    10 years ago

    Well there are a number of reason he has done a poor job. To start, he quite simply isn't qualified for the job. Barak Obama was Freshman Illinois Senator who had very little experience in National politics. Prior to being a Senator, Mr. Obama was in the Illinois Legislature which I can assure is a not even in the same realm as being President of the United States.

    Washington, D.C. is a complicated place where power is a finite thing. There is only so much to go around and everybody wants a piece. When Obama became President, his first mistake was to give a lot of power to Nancy Pelosi, who is the Speaker of the House of Representatives. She is a far left wing liberal and the fact is the United States is primarily a country of people who are moderates - they don't lean to far right or to far left - sort of in the middle.

    So Obama came into the Presidency and wanted to make HUGE changes, many of which the majority of Americans really didn't want to happen. There was this thing called the Stimulus Package that President Obama supported which spent about $837 Billion of which Nancy Pelosi had decided how it was spent. There was virtually no input by the Republicans - what little input was made was made for political purposes, not to make the country better. Many American were OK with this move (I wasn't) and I think the American people were "dupped" into thinking this BUT it was something that happened that Americans weren't going to forget,

    Since that time, President Obama has continued to spend even more money. When Government spends money, it need to get that money from somewhere - and the somewhere is the American people through taxes. However, if the Government continues to spend and not collect taxes that creates a deficit. Today the deficit is out of control because of Obama's spending and he is continuing to spend.

    While all this going on, the economy is still dragging. Unemployment is very high over 10% and no one is spending money. Wasn't that huge Stimulus Package suppose to help? Well, it really hasn't since so much of the money that was spent was being used for wasteful Government things no one uses.

    Then we have the Health Care Reform Bill. This outraged so many people American people, many of whom voted for Barak Obama. Obama's Bill was going to "force" people into doing something even though they many didn't want it. It was going to be against the law NOT to have health insurance, no matter what it cost (and it was going to cost a lot for so many people), I'm sure you know what happened in Massachuetts when the Senate seat that belonged to liberal Ted Kennedy for decades went to a Republican - this was HUGE. This proved to Obama that even the most liberal state in the country did not agree with his view.

    So what does all of this mean. Means we voted in an unqualified person for President and it shows. You might also want to ask why his college grades haven't been released. Apparently, his grades in college were close to failing - funny, George W. Bush who people made fun of - got A's and B's (and some C's) but he released them - you can only imagine how bad Obama's grades were.

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  • 10 years ago

    First, he made a number of promises during his campaign which he made no effort at all to keep after his election. We were promised transparency in government, he gave us closed-door meetings on health-care and other controversial issues.

    Then he played favorites in his stimulus program, spending this huge amount of money not for jobs as he promised, but to reward his friends and political supporters. Democrats and businesses in Democratic districts are TWICE as likely to have gotten funds from the stimulus program as non-Democrats, and the grants don't seem to have been made with an eye to actually creating jobs (as the 10.2 percent unemployment rate, a six percent increase over the Bush administration, shows).

    Obama doesn't really seem to have a plan to improve things in this country - except for himself and the other people who want to destroy the Constitution and democracy in this country. He promises improvement if and only if we turn control over to him over our finances, our health care, and everything else, even though he's already shown himself to be completely untrustworthy.

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  • neil
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    10 years ago

    he hasn't been able to get anything done he has majority control in both houses

    he got his stimilus package pass through before anyone could read it

    the clash for klunker program helped Japan

    hasn't done anything for the US so far

    people say that the economy is getting better where some would put the unemployment rate around 17%

    the economy would get better if the gov't would stay out of it

    history proves that to be true durring the great depression we tried the same thing as we are doing now

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  • 10 years ago

    He doesn't care about what the real everyday Americans want. He's trying to push everything right through Congress and it doesn't work that way. Our government is designed to work slowly so that America doesn't get completely screwed over in one fell swoop.

  • zzone
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    10 years ago

    He is not qualified, he is pushing a radical far left agenda, he wants to control our life completely and the American people are standing against his far left wing extremist socialism, and he does not like it when people slap him back a few steps. He is a one term President, for sure.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Hes inexperienced. Community organizing and being a JUNIOR Senator are different from being a President of an entire Nation.

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    10 years ago

    The things you are getting will be opinions. Most of them won't be able to explain how he's doing a bad job other than doing the opposite of what they want him to do. Don't take advice from a bunch of uneducated republicans.

  • 10 years ago

    He is just a socialist indoctrinated figure head.

    These are the people that taught, mentored him, and are his friends

    Van Jones: (CZAR) Black Nationalist, Communist.

    Carol Browner: (CZAR) Socialist, member Socialist International. Her name was mysteriously removed from the list when she was made Czar.

    Marilyn Katz: SDS, Socialist, Consultant Public Relations to Obama.

    Carl Davidson: SDS, Marxist Socialist, Professor, Helped launch Obama Campaign.

    Mike Klonsky: SDS, Maoist Communist, co-founder Progressives for Obama. Had his own blog site on Obama`s campaign web page.

    William Ayers: SDS, Weatherman, Communist, Professor of teachers, has worked toward a Communist America for 40 years, Small schools workshop. Launched Obama.

    Bernadine Dohrn: SDS, Weatherman, Communist, Professor. Discovered Obama.

    Mark Rudd: SDS, Weatherman Socialist, Professor, friend.

    Tom Hayden: SDS, Weatherman Socialist, Professor, Co-Founder of Progressives for Obama.

    Rev. Wright: Black Liberation (Socialist) Racist Church, Pastor.

    Rashidi Kalidi: PLO, Jew hater, friend.

    Tony Rezko: Mobster, business associate, friend.

    Frank Marshall Davis: Communist, CPUSA, mentor for Obama as a teenager.

    Raila Odinga: ODM Communist, Obama campaigned for him in Kenya.

    Richard Falk: IADL Communist, Professor, friend.

    Vivek Kundra: (CZAR), confessed thief, his associates are under investigation.

    John Holdren : (CZAR), Co author with Paul Ehrlich of,

    "Ecoscience: Population, Resources, Environment", They advocate totalitarian world order and secret mass sterilization of population.

    Gregory Craig: ACLU, Specializes in representing Communists. His clients among others include Castro and the Sandinistas. Obama`s White House Council.

    Cass Sunstein: (CZAR) Progressive Constitionalist (Socialist) Professor, friend. Wants legal 'rights' for livestock, wildlife with PETA and ACLU as their lawyers.

    Anita Dunn: Socialist/Communist, Obama`s Communications Director. She finds Chairman Mao, who murdered 70 million people, to be her Philosophical mentor.

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