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For fantasy, who do prefer, jr smith or chis douglas-roberts?

and shud i trade kobe and melo for paul, kevin martin, harrington, and CDR? I need more rebounds and assists, and kobe and melo both are dinged up. I think its a gud deal

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    J. R. Smith :)

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    JR Smith can be an extremely streaky shooter. I would only pick him up if he was the worst player on your team. CDR is a little more reliable but likely won't go off for 25 like JR can. I would not make the trade that you're outlining. Kevin Martin has only had one good game since he came back from injury so he's been less than reliable. Harrington won't get you any assists as he ranks among the lowest in assist rate for a forward. CP3 is out with an injury for who knows how long (probably not long, but you never know) so he's not going to help you for AT LEAST a few games...maybe more. Kobe and Melo are banged up but they'll be back soon.

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    Never Trade Kobe.

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    I don't like neither guy and the trade is not good for you

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