im moving to california from pennsylvania..what happens with custody of my son?

I currently live in pennsylvania. im moving to california in july to further my education at fullerton state college. i have a custody agreement with the father of my 2 year old stating that he gets him every other weekend...what happens with custody? will his father get him every holliday? or what? who pays for the plane ticket?


ok yea i can move because its in order for me to further my education im not just moving because i feel like it. im asking if anyone is in this situation what agreement they have

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    who are you thinking about more? yourself? or your child? do you think it would be in your childs best interest to fly every other weekend to see his father? thats pretty pricy. since he is paying child support i suspect YOU would pay for the ticket since its you that moved away. that would only be fair.

    besides...if he fights this, you might not be able to move at all based on what the court orders.

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    Well, my mother and father have this same agreement. Probably some what different but same visitation schedule. My mother wanted to move but she couldn't because she can't leave without his permission and he wouldn't give it. So, if she had left and he brought it to court she would have probably lost. Simply because you can't completely deny all visitation unless the parent has done something terribly wrong. I doubt you will be able to move unless you get the father's permission. If you leave without his permission or court permission you could have trouble with the law.

    If the father agrees then you would have to work out the plane ticket cost and holiday stuff. I would think you should pay for it if he agrees to let you take your son.

    Good luck with all that.

    Edit: Okay, no. You can't move if the dad and the court says you can't. Sorry. You can further your education in the same state, I'm almost sure of it.

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    I can only speak for the laws in my own state. Here, you would not be allowed to move the child out of state without the specific permission of the court. At that time, the courts would also decide what visitation or custody arrangements might need to be changed to do what is best for the child. I would suggest you check your state laws specifically. Contact the court or talk to your attorney. Until the child is 18 years old, you are bound to the childs other parent.

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    Either way I don't think that's in best interest for the child to fly across the country every other week.

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    yeah i think you might have to get the courts permission for you to leave the state...but i am not sure...have you talked to your son's father about this at all?

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    you may not be able to leave the state if he challenges it.

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