What should I give my customers as a gift that has high perceived value but does not cost a lot?

I am leery about giving ad specialties because they are mostly crap and pricey.

BTW - It's a wedding planning business.


Hard to get repeat business for a wedding planing service.

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    Legal Downloading and e-mailing the files are in. I agree with Wealth, you need to a reward system. Look at the following below $10.

    1) $ 7.99 VOD


    2) $4.26 Poerty E-Book


    3) $9.99 Mini Perfume & Colognes (Free Shipping!)


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    Give your customers perceived value you get perceived loyalty. Give your customers real value you get real loyalty.

    Create a good customer reward system. The best reward system would be to reward your customer every now and then regularly so they come back and do business with you for life - creating a life long relationship.

    Source(s): Reward your customer month after month, year after year, even if hey bought from you just once and turn your marketing cost center into a profit center at the same time: http://www.wealth-to-all.com
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    If it's a thank you for your business type of thing, find a web site where you can buy in bulk. (The more you buy the cheaper it is) and pick out a nice picture frame or something for them. Nice looking picture frames cost a lot but you can find them cheap.

    Here is an example website;


    And put your business card in it when you give it to them and they can take that out and put a picture of them in it.

    Nice and thoughtful.

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