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aaa asked in Pregnancy & ParentingBaby Names · 1 decade ago

What do you think of my edited name list? Plus and minus a few.?


Lilja (lil-ya)




Annona -after two people who mean a lot to me; their names are Annie and Anna

Lowri (loh-ri/low-ri)








Mika- it's Japanese, not a mispelling of Micah










Ianto (yan-toh)- begins with a capital 'i' not an 'L'



Kai (KYE)






These are for my future children- not yours!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Lilja (lil-ya) - I like it! Very pretty.

    Gwendolyn - It's OK.

    Estella - LOVE it!!!

    Dara - Nice!

    Annona -Don't care for it, sorry!

    Lowri (loh-ri/low-ri) - No..

    Tessa - No

    Mary - No

    Helena - Yes!! I like it a lot.

    Luna - Very different, I like it.

    Lora - Pretty!

    Lucille - No

    Isadora - It's OK

    Mika- Love it! I think it's so cute.

    Mia - One of my favorite names. LOVE it!!!

    Winter - I love this one too!!! Pretty.


    Nicholas - Love it!

    Christian - One of my favorite boys names. :)

    Angelo - It's OK, but definitely not a favorite.

    Keane - It's OK.

    Kellan - I like it!

    Jude - LOVE it!

    Ianto (yan-toh) - No

    Rhys - Love it!

    Lucas - I've never cared for this name, but it's not the worst.

    Kai (KYE) - Love it!!!

    Micah - LOVE it!!!!!! My second favorite boys name, after Isaiah. :)

    Anderson/Andersson - No

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  • YES if I like it No if I don't


    Lilja (lil-ya) YES

    Gwendolyn NO

    Estella NO

    Dara NO

    Annona HMM IFFY

    Lowri (loh-ri/low-ri) NO

    Tessa IFFY

    Mary YES

    Helena YES

    Luna NO

    Lora IFFY

    Lucille NO

    Isadora NO

    Mika- YES

    Mia IFFY

    Winter NO


    Nicholas YES

    Christian YES YES YES

    Angelo NO

    Keane YES

    Kellan YES

    Jude YES

    Ianto NO

    Rhys IFFY

    Lucas YES

    Kai (KYE) YES

    Micah YES

    Anderson/Andersson NO

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  • 1 decade ago

    Lilja (lil-ya) - The 'Lil' part is soft and feminine, but the 'ja' on the end kind of sounds harsh ad out of place.

    Gwendolyn - Names like Gwendolyn, Guinevere etc have always sounded a little medieval and try-hard. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for old fashioned name, but these ones have never taken my fancy.

    Estella - This one's very pretty. Stella is getting popular right now, but Estella is still unique. Essie is a cute nickname.

    Dara - This doesn't appeal to me when I say it out loud. It sounds like "Derrr!" or somebody with a cold saying Tara. I do like Dana or Dora though.

    Annona -after two people who mean a lot to me; their names are Annie and Anna - I don't really like this one, it sounds too made up. Why not just go with Anne to honour these two people?

    Lowri (loh-ri/low-ri) - The spelling of this looks rather unattractive, and it doesn't sound all that nice when said aloud. Laurie (Lorrie) is a similar alternative.

    Tessa - Love this name.

    Mary - A well used classic, but I still think it's gorgeous.

    Helena - Pronounced Hel-en-uh or Hel-ay-nuh? I like the second way better, but love either way. One of my favourite names.

    Luna - Love this name too. But you'd have to contend with everyone thinking it was a Harry Potter reference.

    Lora - Is this pronounced like Laura? If so, I love it.

    Lucille - LOVE Lucille. Lucy is a great nickname.

    Isadora - Beautiful.

    Mika- it's Japanese, not a mispelling of Micah - Pronounced Mee-ka right, not My-ka like Micah is? I really love Mika.

    Mia - This one is good as a nickname, but I don't like it as a full name.

    Winter - A summer, not a name. Some seasonal names, like June and May are okay, but Winter is taking it too far.


    Nicholas - Really like this one.

    Christian - Nice name. I myself prefer Christopher, but nothing wrong with Christian.

    Angelo - Love love love this name. I like Angela for a girl too.

    Keane - Never thought about using this name before but, hmmm, I like it.

    Kellan - Sounds made up and tacky.

    Jude - LOVE this name. Or you could use it as a nickname for Julian.

    Ianto (yan-toh)- begins with a capital 'i' not an 'L' - I don't really like how the name sounds, and he'd batlle both pronunciation and spelling issues all his life.

    Rhys - I like this name. And the spelling is so much better than Reece.

    Lucas - Love it.

    Kai (KYE) - Not my cup of tea, but nothing wrong with it.

    Micah - Not really a fan. It sounds so feminine. Also, you couldn't have a Mika and a Micah, and I prefer Mika.

    Anderson/Andersson - This is a last name and doesn't transfer well to a first name. Andrew is nice though.

    I really like some of your names and others I'm not so keen on. My favourite girls name is Lora or Helena and my least favourite is Lowri. My favourite boys name is Jude, and my least favourite is Ianto.

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  • Girls:

    Lilja ~ Not bad. It's quite nice. I'm not a huge fan though.

    Gwendolyn ~ Hate that spelling. -yn in Welsh is masculine. I prefer Gwendolen.

    Estella ~ I dislike this name. It's too much. I prefer Estelle and Stella.

    Dara ~ Gaelic boys name.

    Annona ~ Dislike. I just don't find it pretty or attractive.

    Lowri ~ It's ok. Nothing special though.

    Tessa ~ It's cute but not great.

    Mary ~ Hate Mary. Too Biblical for my liking.

    Helena ~ Beautiful. I love this name. It's pretty and feminine.

    Luna ~ I've never liked Luna. It reminds me of the moon.

    Lora ~ I prefer the correct spelling Laura. Laura is a lovely name.

    Lucille ~ Nice name. Very feminine.

    Isadora ~ Not a fan. I don't like how it sounds.

    Mika ~ Not a fan.

    Mia ~ Gorgeous. I love the name Mia.

    Winter ~ No. It's a season and shouldn't be used as a name.


    Nicholas ~ Handsome, masculine boys names. One of my favourites.

    Christian ~ Ugh this is awful. No child should ever be called Christian. It's not fair. You may as well be calling them something like Atheist or Islam.

    Angelo ~ Exotic. I like it.

    Keane ~ Not a fan. Too close to Cain which I despise because it sounds evil.

    Kellan ~ Handsome boys name.

    Jude ~ Not bad. Quite nice.

    Ianto ~ I like this one. It's quite handsome.

    Rhys ~ I love Rhys. It's a really nice, mascuine boys name. Rhys is one of my favourites.

    Lucas ~ It's a nice boys name. I prefer Luke though.

    Kai ~ Very masculine. Very nice name.

    Micah ~ It's ok. I'm not a huge fan.

    Anderson/Andersson ~ Surname

    My favourites are Mia and Rhys.

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  • 1 decade ago


    Lilja (lil-ya) ~ I like Lilia or Lilya, but I don't like the spelling of Lilja. I think a lot of people would have trouble pronouncing it.

    Gwendolyn ~ I love this name! It's old but cute, and I predict it will have a burst of popularity in years to come :) One of my best friends is called Gwendolen (Gwen for short).

    Estella ~ Sorry, I don't like it. I love Stella or Stela though.

    Dara ~ Nope :/ I like Lara or Dana though, which are very similar :) Lana is nice too.

    Annona ~ It doesn't flow very well, how about just plain Anna, with Annie as a nickname?

    Lowri (loh-ri/low-ri) ~ Cute!

    Tessa ~ Adorable, although I prefer Tess.

    Mary ~ I really hate this name, it's so old and boring :/ Sorry. I love Maria though, which is almost the same!

    Helena ~ I like Elena, but not Helena.

    Luna ~ Pretty! Like Luna Lovegood from HP :)

    Lora ~ Nahh :/

    Lucille ~ Nice, but it reminds me of old people.

    Isadora ~ Aww, I love it! Izzie or Dora as a nickname :D

    Mika ~ I love love love it, sooo cute!

    Mia ~ LOVE IT.

    Winter ~ LOVE IT!


    Nicholas ~ Love it, Nick for short!

    Christian ~ Love it! I don't like the nickname Chris though.

    Angelo ~ Sorry, I don't like it. It means Angel, which I usually think of as a girly kinda name.

    Keane ~ like the band Keane? Hmmm :/

    Kellan ~ Like Kellan Lutz! :D he is HOT <3

    Jude ~ everytime I hear this name I think of the song Hey Jude by the Beatles xD

    Ianto ~ Cute, but I think people would find it hard to pronounce

    Rhys ~ LOVE IT!

    Lucas ~ LOVE IT!

    Kai (KYE) ~ LOVE IT!

    Micah ~ LOVE IT!

    Anderson/Andersson ~ I like Andy :)

    My favorites are Gwendolyn, Lowri, Isadora, Mika, Mia, Winter, Nicholas, Christian, Rhys, Lucas, Kai and Micah.

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  • 1 decade ago


    I really like Estella, Helena and Isadora.

    I like Lilja (though I think it looks better as Lilia and I love the name Lila), Dara, Tessa (but as a nickname for Teresa), Lora, Mary and Mia.

    I'm ambivalent about Lucille, Mika, Luna, Gwendolyn and Annona.

    I don't really care for Winter (too hippy for me) and Lowri (I just don't think it's very pretty, sorry)


    I really like Nicholas and Lucas.

    I like Christian, Jude (but as a nickname for Judah), and Rhys (though I much prefer the spelling Reese).

    I'm ambivalent about Angelo (not my style), Kellan (sounds a bit too feminine for me) and Anderson (I'm not a fan of surnames as first names).

    I don't care for Keane (It seems too bland to me), Ianto (it's isn't terrible but I'm not fond of the sound) and Kai (I've just never cared for this as a name).

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  • Juliet
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    1 decade ago

    Lilja- 7/10. Sounds interesting and mysterious. I like "Lily" names.

    Gwendolyn- 7/10. Very elegant and fairy name. Reminds me "Matter Of Britain"

    Estella- 10/10! I adore this name! Sophisticated, elegant and charming! Just beautiful. On of my top names.

    Dara- 6/10. Sounds Arabic and strong.

    Annona- 4/10. I don't like it. Looks weird. But if this name is important for you, that's ok.

    Lowri- 5/10. I like more "low-ri". Cute.

    Tessa- 6/10. Womanly but strong. Has got nice Italian look.

    Mary- 7/10. Classic, timeless and gentle. Sweet.

    Helena- 7/10. Ultra-feminine Shakespearean and melodious. Great.

    Luna- 6/10. Mysterious and exotic. Hippie name.

    Lora - 3/10. I don't like "nicknamey" names. I prefer Laura- is more noble.

    Lucille- 6/10. Sweet and old-fashioned (not in bad way). I really like nickname Lucy!

    Isadora- 7/10. Italian, elegant and stylish.

    Mika- 5/10. Short and strong. I like meaning of this name "Beautiful smell" or "new moon".

    Mia- 7,5/10. Lovely name! Strong, energetic and womanly.

    Winter- 5/10. Is nice as middle name. Cute.


    Nicholas- 8/10. I really like this name. Classic, noble and elegant. I like nickname Cole.

    Christian- 6/10. Classic and soft. Has got some nice Scandinavian look. Reminds me character from "Moulin Rouge!".

    Angelo- 4/10. I don't like it. I can imagine this name only on Italian womanizer.

    Keane- 6/10. Cute name.

    Kellan- 6,5/10. Cute, Irish, modern.

    Jude- 7,5/10. I prefer Julian, but Jude is really nice too. Strong and energetic. "Hey Jude, don't make it bad..." Great!

    Ianto- 3/10. Weird....

    Rhys- 6/10. Strong, Welsh name. I like meaning of this name "enthusiasm". Lovely.

    Lucas- 5/10. I never like this name. I've got bad memories ... Sorry.

    Kai (KYE)- 7/10. Short, nice and fresh... Reminds me Hawaiian or Scandinavian boy...

    Micah- 6/10. Cute, biblical but modern. But for me little bit too womanly.

    Anderson/Andersson- 4/10. This is for me surname, and I don't like surnames as first names (except Lennon)... sorry.

    my favorite:


    Estella, Gwendolyn, Mia, Helena, Isadora.


    Jude, Nicholas, Kai.

    I don't like:


    Annona, Lora.


    Anderson, Ianto, Lucas.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Tessa, Luna, Lucille, and Mia are cute. Please do not pick Gwendolyn! no matter who it is named after lol.

    For boys.. some of them aren't original enough, a lot of other kids mite have them. I like Angelo, Kai, Micah

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  • 1 decade ago


    Lilja (lil-ya)-no


    Estella-its ok

    Dara-ehh its ok

    Annona -no

    Lowri -no



    Helena-its ok

    Luna-its ok


    Lucille-its ok


    Mika- no




    Nicholas-its ok

    Christian-its ok

    Angelo-its ok




    Ianto -no


    Lucas-its ok

    Kai (KYE)-no

    Micah-its ok


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  • 1 decade ago

    Your girls names that I like-Winter,Lowri and Dara

    Boys-Christian (I think thats a lovely, strong name) and Rhys

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