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Why do people hate the Apple iPad?

I have read a lot of negative reviews of ipad. What it is so bad about the ipad?

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    I don't think people hate it. I think they just expected much more than Apple just came up with. Still it is too early to say that iPad will be a failure. I am sure that Apple's marketing wizards will soon start an advertising strategy to convince buyers that iPad is useful, friendly and cool. Most importantly I am sure they will work on how to differentiate the iPad from any other i-thing, like the iPod or iPhone. It is important for Apple to make such distinction in order for consumers to understand the benefits of the iPad vis-a-vis the other similar devices from Apple already known in the market.

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    I hate the Ipad because its just a big *** version of my Iphone, I thought Mac was going to outdo themselves this year and come up with something brand new and they completely fail, they could've come out with the ipad the same day they came out with the iphone after all its the same technology and it does the exact same things.... even looks the same.

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    It's missing a lot of very important functionality, and is literally no better than a giant iPod Touch.

    It doesn't support flash (No online games, no facebook games, no video streaming sites...)

    It doesn't support multitasking (You couldn't run MSN or AIM in the background while playing a game)

    It doesn't have any USB connections for plugging in hard disks/memory sticks etc

    It doesn't let you play any music/videos except for those purchased from Apple themselves

    It only runs iPod Touch/iPhone apps - none of the normal applications

    Many devices the same size and half the price have much more functionality.

    What is there to like?

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    I think a lot of people expect it to be this all-in-one, when really, devices like that fail miserably a lot of the times because they do a lot of things but none of them great. (Jack of all trades master of none.) A lot of people want it to have a camera and gps and dvd-drives and this that and the other.

    But Apple, as usual, doesn't allow itself to be dictated but rather sets their own standards and rules. Eventually people go with it.

    However, part of the reason the iphone has been a success is because Apple decided to do things differently from the get go and they set these benchmarks that seemed draconian at first but are paying off in dollars, over and over and over. Their software development kit for the iphone is one of the most restricted that I've ever encountered but by imposing so many rules they can impose a reliable kind of standard for all their apps.

    They're big risk takers, and granted, not all of their risks pay off (Apple Newton) , but nevertheless, in the last decade they been setting the bar higher for computing products. Other companies are always trying to catch up to them.

    In short, many people don't like Apple because they feel they feel Apple doesn't cater to them, but rather, the company puts outs products, breaks old rules and paradigms, makes up its own, and expect people to follow along. So far, it's working for them.

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    Essentially, people were expecting a Macbook wrapped in a tablet design. But what they got was, to them, a big iPod touch, with 3G.

    I don't hate it. I plan to buy one.

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    I love them

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    More overpriced hype from Apple?

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    Uh, for starters...

    No Flash support

    Doesn't run OSX

    Locked down


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    WOW you dont know ?! LMAO read about it

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