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German translation problem - idiom/phrase?

What is a good translation for something "does more harm than good" in german? DO NOT put it into a translation site. Those blow and are almost never right, and only help with grammatical word choices every so often. Like saying "youre crazy" translates to "you have a bird". Ive looked all over the internet and dont find any direct matches and want to make sure the phrase I use is correct and sounds ok. Only answer this if you are a native speaker and have german as a 1st language. Thanks in advance for the help!

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    well, the ideal answer depends on your context. (and LOL re Du hast 'nen Vogel ... there are tonnes of "nice" translations like that.)

    Without getting into picturesque expressions, here are a few general ways of phrasing what you're trying to say:

    es schadet mehr, als es hilft

    es kostet mehr, als es bringt

    Often though, one would say (a bit simplistically) that something will _only_ cause trouble, e.g.

    das bringt nur Aerger

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    es schadet mehr als es bringt/nützt/hilft

    PS: Actually the translator which translated "you're crazy" into "Du hast nen Vogel (you have bird)" was a really smart one. That's a common german idiom. Like you would in english for example say "to have bats in the belfry" or "to have a screw loose".

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