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which is more accurate ? google maps or mapquest?

or is something else better ?

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    Mapquest was first. Mapblast, a small startup, came out later and was better, but it was quickly bought by Microsoft, who ruined it before it had a chance to really catch on. Then Google Maps came out and simply blew away the competition by being the first to incorporate AJAX programming, a revolution in functionality.

    By incorporating Google's wealth of information about everything in the world, they've been able to easily stay ahead of all competitors in location search capabilities, including directions.

    In short, Google Maps is better than Mapquest and all the others.

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    I once had Mapquest direct me the wrong way! It had me take a left when I was supposed to go right and I ended up in the middle of nowhere! I do NOT use it after that. I've had zero problems with both GoogleMaps and Yahoo! Maps. Go with either of those first.

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    Sounds cool

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    google maps is the best.

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    Maybe so

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