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Is it true that the name "egypt" came from "coptic"?

you know how egypt used to be a christian country before it became muslim..

well, i heard that its name during the Old Kingdom in the Ancient Egyptian times was Kemit (Kermit), hence the name Coptic came from that.. somehow later on evolving into "Egypt".

is it true? and it would be nice if you guys leave your sources behind.. i'm just doing some background reading.

ten points for the best answer :)

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    It's true, though you need to get your own sources if you're researching it. There's still a Coptic Church today, which separated from the Roman Church around 400 ce, and has a Pope of its own. They are one of the artifacts of early Christianity still existing, since they haven't changed their services from 350ce until now. Coptic Churches exist in the US where populations include enough Egyptians to justify it.

    If you have an interest in the history of Christianity it's worth attending a few of their services, particularly during times of festivals. You'll be welcomed there.

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    None. None in any respect. Jews being persecuted? Well, after the established order of Israel, the Palestinians had been those below hearth. Saddam looking to construct the tower of Babel? That's now not precise; he constructed a palace. There is speak of the brand new international foreign money that's supposedly a Biblical prophecy. But a brand new international foreign money isn't a brand new factor; this happened with the Romans, the Ottomans, and I suppose the Greeks as good.

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