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What do you think of my name list? Please answer.?


Lilja (lil-ya)





Aisling (ash-ling)

Annona -after two people who mean a lot to me; their names are Annie and Anna


Lowri (loh-ri/low-ri)














Ianto (yan-toh)- begins with a capital 'i' not an 'L'



Be honest without being rude or nasty.



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    Lilja (lil-ya) - Pretty, lilting, and feminine.

    Christa - Not my favorite. It's a bit dated-sounding, and not in a good way.

    Gwendolyn - Beautiful Welsh name!

    Estella - Reminds me of the stars. I prefer this to Stella or Estelle.

    Dara - Nice, simple, yet very classy at the same time.

    Aisling (ash-ling) - I love Irish names, I really do, but this isn't my favorite.

    Annona -after two people who mean a lot to me; their names are Annie and Anna - It's okay..I'm not too keen on combining names to make a completely new name.

    Eloise - One of my favorites. I just find this to be lovely and dainty.

    Lowri (loh-ri/low-ri) - I've always loved this. The minute I saw it, it made my list. I love the name Laurie for personal reasons, so I always wanted to know the equivalent in Welsh. When I found it, I fell in love with it!

    Tessa - It's okay, a bit modern.

    Mary - Very common from the 1800's. I kind of like it, but part of me prefers unusual names.

    Helen - Beautiful, old-fashioned name. This is a bit like Mary in that it was very common...but there's just something more to it.


    Nicholas - Traditional. Classy. You can't really go wrong with a name like Nicholas, but I still find it to be too popular. Maybe if it weren't so common today, I'd like it more.

    Christian - For personal reasons, this name has been ruined for me. I knew a very snotty, immature boy named Christian. Otherwise, it's not a bad name.

    Shane - I have to admit, I strongly dislike this. The sound is unflattering and not strong at all, in my opinion.

    Angelo - Handsome. Is this Italian? It could very well grow on me.

    Keane - I actually like this. It's different. And I'm in love with the spelling.

    Tate - Never liked this. Sorry.

    Kellan - This, although very modern, has an older flair to it. It's almost got that surname feel, making it more sophisticated than most modern names.

    Jude - This is a very sweet name. It's on my list.

    Gabriel - I don't know why, but I find Gabriel to be an irresistibly good name. It's perfect: strong, masculine, poetic, flows well. I just love it.

    Ianto (yan-toh)- begins with a capital 'i' not an 'L' - Not a fan of it. I like the spelling, just not how it sounds.

    Leo - I always think of the zodiac sign (my mom is a Leo), but I still like it as a name. It has a spunky, modern, fun feel to it.

    Patrick - Again, I usually like Irish names. But Patrick is lower on my list than, say, Declan or Malachy.

    You have beautiful taste in names. I love Lilja, Gwendolyn, Dara, Eloise, Lowri, Helen, Angelo, Keane, Kellan, Jude, Gabriel, and most of your list. Very nice names.

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    I like most of the names except: Gwendolyn, Gabriel, Leo, Ianto, Patrick, Tate, and Aisling.

    I really like the names Kellan, Annona, Lilja, and Dara.

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    1 decade ago

    there are a lot of unique and different names, however, putting such a different name (like aisling or annona) may be hard on a young child. personaly, i like Christa Estella Eloise mary and Shane Angelo Leo and Gabriel.

    names i dont like: Gwendolyn, Dara, helen, Tate Jude Ianto

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    Lilja (lil-ya) (I love it, but I know someone who spells it Lilya, and I kinda like that better)

    Christa (Don't really like it.)

    Gwendolyn (Cute!)

    Estella (LOVE IT!)

    Dara (Cute too.)

    Aisling (ash-ling) (Ehh. It sounds like a verb. I don;t really like it anyway.)

    Annona -after two people who mean a lot to me; their names are Annie and Anna (Like it a lot!)

    Eloise (Love it!)

    Lowri (loh-ri/low-ri) (Eh. Don't really like it that much.)

    Tessa (It's okay, but not a good name for when she's older.)

    Mary (Love it!)

    Helen (Don't like it.)


    Nicholas (Good!)

    Christian (okay.)

    Shane (Like it!_

    Angelo (no.)

    Keane (no)

    Tate (no.)

    Kellan (no.)

    Jude (maybe.)

    Gabriel (maybe)

    Ianto (yan-toh)- begins with a capital 'i' not an 'L' (no)

    Leo (no)

    Patrick (YES!)

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    That is one of the BEST lists I have ever seen for baby names. But my favorite is Christa. Christa has the name Christ in it. Also Christ would have brought you baby to this world.

    Boys I like is: Nicholas. That name is so beautiful or should I say handsome? LOL. It reminds me of a strong and brave little young man.

  • potere
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    4 years ago

    i imagine the lady's names are all fantastically. My favorites might want to be Brinley (less complicated to spell), Elizabeth, Kaitlyn, Marley (again, less complicated to spell), Addison, and Brianna (with the "a" on the top so it truly is said bri-anna). i love both Paige and Elise for center names, yet i does not flow with Amelia until eventually it truly is a family members call. On boys, i'd flow with both Owen or Noah Thomas. i desire you've a short very last call. If not those youthful children could have a mouthful :)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    From the girls list, I only like Mary, Christa, and Eloise.

    I think all the boys names are okay, except for Jude. I hate Jude.

  • 1 decade ago

    The only one I like from your girls list is Tessa, sorry. From the boys I like Nicholas, Shane and Gabriel. Ianto and Annona are terrible, sorry.

  • 1 decade ago

    I like..

    Lilja (it looks exotic) for a girl's name and Keane from the boy's list.

    Good luck and I hope you find what you really like.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Aisling nd Shane r the nicest in my opinion

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