Do people know how to use Turn Signals when driving?

Your suppose to use turn signal any time your vehicle changes lane or direction, still I seem more and more that people don’t use there turn signals this includes cops.

What’s up with this

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    1 decade ago
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    According to Response Insurance, a national car insurer, 42% of those drivers say they don’t have enough time, 23% admit they are just plain “lazy,” 17% don’t signal because when they do, they forget to turn it off, 12% admit they are changing lanes too frequently to bother, 11% say it is not important, 8% say they don’t signal because other drivers don’t, and perhaps most disturbing 7% say forgoing the signal “adds excitement to driving.”

    The Company identified several driver-types when it comes to ignoring turn signals – Impulsive, Lazy, Forgetful, Swervers, Ostriches, Followers, and the Dare Devils.

    The bottom line is that most drivers are failing to see the importance of using their turn signals........

  • 10 years ago

    Requires too much effort to move their hands less than 12 inches to the side of the steering column to indicate properly - in other words they are plain lazy.

    Obviously indicators are designed to be used when you are making any movement across lanes, or turning, or changing direction. This is common sense, as you would want to warn other drivers that you may be moving into their path.

    Unfortunately common sense is not that common and people either can't be bothered, are too lazy to do it, forget, are 'too busy' to indicate, are too busy trying to cut you up and then wondering why you are so annoyed at them, or they flick their indicators on for a microsecond and then wonder why you didn't see it, or they indicate for NO REASON AT ALL.

    I've seen people driving along in the left hand lane for several kilometres quite oblivious to the fact that they are indicating right and there is a column of infuriated drivers behind them (who will of course forget to indicate when they overtake).

    Then we've got people who make a left turn, and as soon as they start turning left, indicate RIGHT while continuing in the same lane. This is stupid. Indicating right while performing a left hand turn not only makes you look dumb, but moving lanes while turning is unsafe and inadvisable (complete the turn, then change lanes).

    Cops will usually do it because they think no-one will enforce the law against them, but they remain just as liable as the rest of the community for failure to indicate.

  • 1 decade ago

    Sadly a lot of drivers in the Chicago IL area drive vehicles without the optional turn signals. Hence even if they wished to signal their intend, there are no turn signals to operate.

    Or so it seems.

    If I was a police officer I would target the illegal lane changers and red light runners. And I would be merciless with tailgaters.

  • 1 decade ago

    Around here, people seem to use their turn signals to let you know where they have come from. They use them, but so often, just a little late. And then there are the poor armless people who can't reach the indicator.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Driving in the suburbs, I use them. But when I drive anywhere in LA County, I signal at the last minute. It seems in LA, if you signal in advance, they speed up so you can't switch in. You kind of have to surprise them.

    Cops are above the law. They are exempt from signalling, using headlights, stopping at red lights, stopping at stop signs, obeying the speed limit and most other rules outlined in the DMV driving manual.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No people DON'T know how to use them. This includes NOT using them as well as IMPROPER use(meaning they turn them on WAY too early or turn them on right before they turn). You are to turn it on at least a certain distance away, not turn it on because you suddenly are going to turn.

  • 1 decade ago

    Many people are lazy and oblivious to what goes on around them or they just don't care. I always use my turn signals!

    Source(s): 2,000,000 safe miles in a big truck
  • Rick
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    1 decade ago

    I know, I live in Michigan too and see this constantly, more so than in any other state I've ever been to. The only reason I can give is rudeness?

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