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Wow, what the hell was up with the lines people in Williams V. Henin?

They practically gave the first set away to Serena with that RIDICULOUS call during the 5th set that gave Serena a 4-1 lead, even though Hawkeye showed it to be clearly in and Serena's return went way out, they replayed the damn point.

Not to mention 4 errors in the first game alone, all against Henin.

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    They weren't all against Henin, but they made a big call against Henin. Ultimately that is not the reason she lost though I think. Her serve was too weak for Serena as she is too small. Serena was able to step up her game. It was a horrible call though that should not have happened. The linesman should not have made that call before he knew 100% that it was accurate. The fact that he changed it so quickly shows me that he wasn't even sure immediately. He should have waited a little longer.

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    1) They had to replay the point because the linesman screwed up then corrected himself afterwards. That's the rule, not Serena's fault.

    2) The other "errors" were inconsequential and didn't affect the score since the players correctly challegend all of them. The person who should have won the point did, so it made no difference.

    There was no conspiracy. Linesmen are human beings and they are not perfect. That's why we have the hawkeye system. Ultimatley, the better player won and likely would have won regardless of the one call that was bad. How the players are playing deep into the final set of a match is more of an indicator as to who is going to win, than what happens in the 4th game of the match.

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    They wernt all against Henin although one major one went against her.

    And you surely wouldnt be suggesting that if a few of them were the right calls henin would have won.

    Serena was simply too good

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    You need to go and re-watch the game.

    Nobody gave Serena a thing, hear.

    She earned every point she got.


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