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if your a movie expert please try to answer this question?

ok im trying to find a movie i saw in the 1990's i believe the movie was made in that time too, but i can't remember the title of the name and i searched numerous times and can't find it so i will try to explain what i remember from the movie and if you can help please give me your suggestion on what you think its called

ok in this movie 4 teenagers, 2 guys, and 2 girls,and i believe one guy and one girl were brother and sister obtain powers from this machine i believe they were building in the woods or something like that one guy had the ability to heal, the other guy could read minds, one girl had the power of persuasion, and the other girl had the ability of telekinesis..and in the movie basically they learn about this powers and begin to have fun with them, but then i think they decide to stop using them for some reason, but the girl with the persuasion power doesn't want to give up her powers so basically she takes over their high school and i think the town and tries to go after her brother and friends...or something like that...this is what i can think of so far..if you know anything about this please reply to me

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    I am not a movie expert but I think that movie is "The hunter".

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