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Are Muslims allowed to travel to Israel?

I am curious, one day I would like to see holy sites like the Dome of the Rock and al-Asqa, aside from this I am concerned on whether the Israeli locals would be friendly and welcoming. I just hear so many bad things I am not sure what to think about it.

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    Yes, Muslims are allowed but many Muslim countries won't allow you pass their airports with an Israeli stamp. You should go if you're not planning on going to any Muslim countries any time soon, until you renew your passport. You have the right to see such wonderful masjids in Islaam. But be careful...we all know how rough and mean these Israelis can be

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    for sure. Muslims carry elected place of work and sit down interior the Israeli Knesset. Muslims and different non-Jews visit Israel each and each of the time. i do no longer evaluate Jew to be offensive ninety 9.9% of the time. it truly is the way it truly is used. I actually have had it suggested to me as I walked by using and someone suggested "Jew" in a disgusting way and what became likely meant to be an offensive way (which made me snort as there are words that are easily offensive even if the man chosen no longer to apply them so both their coronary heart became in basic terms no longer into the total "positioned down" ingredient or they were no longer sensible sufficient to apply the words that were maximum offensive LOL.

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    Go! You will be amazed at how welcome you will be, in fact, all the road signs are not only in Hebrew but also in Arabic (and sometimes in English!).

    Every other Town seems to be an Arab one as you drive from Tel Aviv to the Dead Sea; there are Bedouin encampments complete with wandering camels and goats.

    We (non-Believers) went into Arab markets as visitors and there was no animosity towards us as you might expect from people who are supposed to be as down-trodden as the Press and the B.B.C. makes Arabs out to be.

    We found the Israeli locals to be welcoming - they didn't question our right to be there as non-Jews and there was no hint of violence anywhere against anybody in what was nearly a month of travelling around the Holy Land.

  • Israel definitely allows Muslims (in fact, there are over a million Muslim residents), but most Arab countries will not let their citizens travel to Israel, except for Egypt and Jordan. There are so many Muslims, you'll feel quite welcome there, and the locals are very accepting of tourists, especially in Jerusalem. Have fun!

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    In principle, anyone can visit Israel - including tourists from all Muslim countries. You will most likely need a visa in advance and, in certain cases there will be other limiting conditions, but no one is denied entry based solely on their religion or nationality - and this includes Lebanese, Syrians and Iranians.

    You will be treated very well.

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    Israel will happely let you trvel there as long as you meet the visa requirements. just like you have to for any country. If you are from a Muslim country the chances are that your country will not alow you to travel to Israel. The best option then is to travel via a country that will alow you to travel there.

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    Yes, Muslims, like tourists of all religious backgrounds, do visit Israel.

    You can learn online about the perspectives of a number of Muslims that visited Israel in recent years.

    Tashbih Sayyed, Ph.D. (May he rest in peace.)

    Tawfik Hamid

    Youtube thumbnail

    recently participated in an international conference in Israel.

    Youtube thumbnail

    "A Drive to Israel" documents an Egyptian Muslim writer's perspective.

    Najem Wali, exiled Iraqi:

    Sheikh Prof. Abdul Hadi Palazzi has visited Israel a couple of times.

    Other Muslims have also visited in delegations.

    There are also various group trips.

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    yes muslims can travel to israel, but guess what? israelis cant go to indonesia, malysia, yemen, dubai, syria, iraq, iran, lebanon,tunis, somalia, etc etc

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    Of course.

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