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i have a business idea for a business, and i already did a proposal for it. but i got questions like where can i give it to them and what kind of reward i can get if that proposal they think is good?? or give any information about this...thx

我有一個銷售計劃係幾岩某一間公司嘅,但係我就唔知可以去邊個部門傾,同埋我會有啲咩回報如果係ok? 如可提供有關資料,唔該


don't give me advertisement please....

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    I wonder if you really write a complete proposal. A full business proposal does not just mean the gimmick of a new business. It should involve of a lot of enviornmental analysis and feasiblity study. A thorough marketing plan as well as production robustness will be included in your proposal. Budget of nvestment and risk anticipation are also need to be submitted. By and large, a complete proposal basically consists of following elements:

    1. Introduction

    2. SWOT analysis

    3. Organization and Production details

    4. Marketing plans

    5. Investment budget and ROI

    The introduction as well as the fundamental idea or gimmick is only the initial part of your proposal. Not only you, everybody could think a very strange idea. The most concern of investor is to seek a new and feasable robustness that is a chain of business procedures in their own industry. The mere gimmick is not so valuable but can arouse the interesting of investor.

    As well as job application, you therefore could submit the introduction of you proposal to some related large corporation. Their adoption or employment of your fundamental idea with your expected consideration will be followed by your thorough reports as well as your participation of implementation.

    Since I don't know what is the industry related to your idea, I could not suggest any company you could submit your favour proposal. Generally, you may send your intraduction letter to the Marketing department of any company. If you want a better result, you should find out the name of the senior managment like MD, CEO, GM etc and send a letter to them personnally. On the other hand, if you worry the companies taking your advantages, you could apply copy right from government dept or through a solicitor agent. Of course, firstly, you should have full details to ellaborate your idea like above mentioned five elements. A sole sentence of idea would not be regards as a copy right all around.

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    If your idea is only a marketing channel or promotion strategy, it may not involve a copy right. However, you could still try to submit it to the target company's Marketing Dept Manager. If it is an industry of FMCG, you could also pass the proposal to their Brand Manager.

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    What is your reward? I don't think it will be a single deal to just a promotion strategy generated from an individual instead of a marketing agency. It will be the mile stone that you could join their marketing team as you may be considered as a bright marketing talent.

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    It means that you may get a job in their company.

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