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what is "She's Making Whoopee In Hell Tonight" (1930) lonnie johnson okeh label pre-war blues 78 worth?

very nice condition

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    Don't know the book value. Lonnie Johnson, perhaps unfairly, isn't considered an A-list pre-war blues diety, although I love his stuff, and Bob Dylan has covered him (the achingly beautiful "Tomorrow Night") and written about him in Chronicles Vol 1. In the Blues pantheon, he's in the solid company of his contemporaries and companions like Big Bill Broonzy and Victoria Spivey, despite the fact that his career stretched from the teens in Storyville to the 40s in Chicago and on to the sixties blues revival. Along the way he played with giants like Bessie Smith, Louis Armstrong, and Duke Ellington.

    I don't think it would be in the rarefied price range of, say, Robert Johnson or Skip James 78s, but the great title makes it eminently sellable. What's on the flip?

    I'll give you ten bucks, plus postage, for it if you're interested. You might get a little bit more on EBay but would have to deduct fees.

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