Prednisone for toothache?

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My upper right wisdom tooth cracked and I put off having it pulled because I don’t have the money. Well now it is abscessed and is some of the worst pain I have experienced in quite a more
Update : The dental clinic called in the penicillin Doc.
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No, Prednisone is a steroid, not a pain reliever. Also, why are you taking Penicillin? It's a type of antibiotic which which works by inhibiting bacterial cell wall production, which is of no use to your toothache. Stop taking it immediately. I would not recommend starting a "regimen" of anything, since (no offense) you clearly do not have any knowledge about drugs. Again, I'm not trying to be mean or anything, but it really is not a great idea to be experimenting when it comes to things like this. You could possibly take two medications that interact and severly endanger your health. Just stick with a reasonable dosage of Tylenol, and maybe try an something like Orajel to numb the area.

Edit: My apologies, I glanced over the part about the abcess. I was under the impression that you took it upon yourself to take Penicillin thinking it would relieve tooth pain.


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  • Fatty answered 4 years ago
    I'm not so sure why you are using prednisone for a tooth ache, but the penicillin is for the abscess, which is a dental infection. Provided your dentist prescribed it to you, go ahead and use it. But don't self medicate (I'm not sure if that's what you'er doing, but it kind of sounds that way from what you wrote).


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  • Ethan's Mommy answered 4 years ago
    I experienced a similar issue with my bottom wisdom tooth. It had an abscessed and I was in terrible pain. I did some research online for natural remedies to help since I am pregnant and cant take much of anything. I suggest using a vitamin C and garlic remedy. Garlic is called natures penicillin and the Vitamin C helps boost your immune system to help fight the infection. You can als use a clove paste to coat the tooth and it should work to ease the pain. Here are some helpful links if you want moe info on either remedy.
    Hope you are pain free soon!
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