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Isn't a matter that was duly reported to the UN re: the creation 1 million extra ballots a more feasible item?

than this attempt to explain away the inexplicable?

The exact text of the Election Commissioner's statement also explains his position of utter dismay in government actions to suppress his powers under the 17th Amendment - which is also the consolidation point of both majority and minority voters. The photographic evidence of Rajapaksa family members partying with LTTE elements in foreign countries whilst people at home are denied even rudimentary voting rights and 26,000 military perished in Eelam War 4 make this a very unsatisfactory distortion of democratic process. When even the Election Day functions are sullied by early morning explosions and bombings by Rajapaksa led military, the entire 17th amendment initiative scrapped by a string of terrorist attacks on police stations and training facilities (when there is a clear LTTE/Rajapaksa family affiliation) there is no option other than stepping down from office or Repolling with international election experts running the operations. The harassment of Swiss press by The Rajapaksa administration may also effect India's position negatively as India in its hegemonic desires that gave birth, supported, trained and financed the LTTE for the past 30+ years also happens to get itself positioned in an Election day controversy where the Rajapaksas depart "unexpectedly" to New Delhi and a string of explosions over Sri Lanka waterways is mimicked by an exactly strange occurrence in the Koreas when lo and behold the chief guest for India's promotional act of independence is none other that the president of South Korea. Indian Political pundits can announce this "landslide" as a manna falling from heaven but the reality is that there is nothing miraculous about cheating and to have such audacity as denying Fonseka even his own franchise, utilizing state media (which had already been reported to be 90+% monopolized by Rajapaksa) tasking utilizing former lieutenant Gothabaya Rajapaksa (who went from ret'dlieutenantt directly to head of military) denying a four star General that led the war effort sans the LTTE last days atVannii (as Fonseka was in China on business during that juncture) makes Fonseka the architect andadministratorr of a very successful war and hostage rescue operation and makes the Rajapaksa Brothers the responsible parties for those last events at the Vanni - not the military, not the security apparatus, not the country but the Rakapaksas. Gothabaya Rajapaksa being a US citizen is fully accountable not to India but to the USA for these pre/post election violences, the disruption of the elections process on morning of elections, he is also responsible for the intake of military deserters (so if there were any placed in Fonseka's detail they also would be coming from the Rajapaksas, just as the attempt to insert SB Dissanayake as Opposition Leader (Rajapaksa first cousin) and the fraudulent attempt for this Indian pundit to refer to SLFP as Rajapaksa's party when in actuality he is in UPFA is just more Indian parsing for India getting caught once again red-handed in supporting illegal political activity ( which in this case is diminutive form of terrorism on the Citizen's franchise) a matter that requires the immediate curtailment of any further hegemonic advances of India.

Gothabaya Rajapaksa was recused from further arms purchases after the M. Rajapaksa declared "end of war" and even his brother the current president agreed with this move. With huge contingents of security details for Rajapaksa family members there can not be guarantee if military deserters were somehow overlooked and placed into Fonseka detail by Gothabaya Rajapaksa that these same kinds of Rajapaksa "mistakes" haven't occured in others. But there is no explicable error in Rajapaksa's continual chumminess with certain LTTE elements, thugs, traffickers that has now trickled down to his own son.

When we have state organizations that have performed outstandingly in efforts to incorporate the 17th amendment and a US citizen of questionable repute completely circumventing the constitutional process as well as sending repetetive threats to political leaders over wire services these acts must be duly reported not just to Sri Lanka government and military but also US. As for India who has always tried to foist its proverbial "Big Toe" of extermist elements at neighbours we say before you try and develop or culturalize Sri Lanka clean up and develop your own country. If India (which undoubtably does) have a hand in removing Swiss press or any other Swiss service from Sri Lanka then they are in direct contravention of internationally accepted protocols of the import of nuetral party involvements that were placed and approved by many including myself at Mannar. India's persistent meddling and encroachment has once again backfired. This purported "landslide" according to India media outlets is more like evi



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