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Classic boy names?? help?

If i were to have a son, i would want him to have a classic yet unusual name... we are having trouble finding one of these. So we have some questions?

Do you like Oakley? is it too weird?

Which of these "H" names do you like more? Harvey or Hudson?

Finn or Finley?

Do you like the name Everett or should i stick to more classic option like Emmet?

do you like really classic names like Charles or Thomas?

overall; which of these names do you like the most?










what other suggests can you give me?

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    1) I think Oakley actually sounds pretty cool! It's a bit unusual, but it's a lot less unusual than some of the crap parents are choosing for their kids today. I don't, however, see it as a "classic" name.

    2) I prefer Hudson. I think Harvey might get some teasing, but Hudson fits in well with today's naming trends, without being trendy or overused.

    3) I like Finley better than Finn, mostly because Finn could be a nickname for it, and I like to have options. Other names that Finn/Fin/Phin could be a nickname for include Finian/Finnian (my favorite), Phineas, Finton, and Finbar.

    4) I don't like Everett, but I'm probably biased against it because it's a city only a few miles away from where I live (Seattle), so I can't think of anything but the city. I do like Emmett fairly well, though.

    5) I love a lot of those types of names! Charles is one of my absolute favorite names of all time. I also love Benjamin, James, William, Henry, and Jonathan/John.

    6) My favorite of these choices is definitely Charles! I love it. Charlie is such a cute nickname.

    7) I would suggest some names that might be considered "semi-classic" (but not "really classic" like Charles/Thomas/William/John/etc.). How about Sebastian, Elijah, Elliott, Julian, Oliver, Milo, or Tristan? I love all of those names. Also, since you like names like Hudson and Oakley, I might suggest some last names: Alden (my favorite boys' name of all time!), Carter, Parker, Austin, Cooper, Harrison, Edison, Jackson, Tucker, Paxton, Lennon, or Keaton.

    Good luck!

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  • 1. I don't like Oakley, what would be his nickname, Oak? It seems too modern as well.

    2. I like Hudson more, I love the nickname Hud or Huds. Harvey though seems more classic, more old-fashioned.

    3. Finn. Finley just doesn't appeal to me.

    4. I like Everett but I like Emmet even more!

    5. I like Charlie more than Charles, but Thomas is nice, it's my cousins name!

    6. Out of those 9 I like Emmett the best then:

    1. Emmett

    2. Finn

    3. Everett

    4. Hudson

    5. Thomas

    6. Harvey

    7. Charles

    8. Finley

    9. Oakley

    Two names that I think are really nice and classic are Archie and Alfie! Also, Christopher, Henry, William, Benjamin, George, Joseph and Peter.

    Hope I helped! Love from Hope xx

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  • 1 decade ago

    I don't like Oakley. Just not working for me :)

    I like Hudson better than Harvey.

    Finn not Finley.

    Everett or Emmet are both great!

    I don't like Charles or Thomas.

    Out of your whole list my favorites are Hudson, Finn, Everett and Emmett.

    Good choices!

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  • Hannah
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    1 decade ago

    1. No. Yes.

    2. Hudson

    3. Finley

    4. I like both

    5. Yes

    6. Emmett, Everett, Charles and Thomas

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i think the name oakley is kind of too weird. i'd be scared that other kids would call my kid oak whenever it goes to school..

    i personally thing harvey sounds softer. (:

    samm with finley. although i also love the name finn.

    i think emmet is nicer. (:

    Charles not so much. Thomas sounds nice, but is really popular at the moment.

    i love finley. (:

    what other names.. paul.. benjamin.. nicolas.. taylor (:

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Ahh, classic names kind of scare me.

    But Harvey or Hudson, I choose Hudson.

    Finn or Finley, I choose Finn.

    Emmet is nice.

    Have you considered Hunter? It's sort of classic but has a lasting quality. Or maybe Lindon.

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  • 4 years ago

    Albert, Anthony, Brian, Christopher, Doug, David, Eric, Fransis, George, Henery, John, Jacob, James, Joseph, Michael, Nicholas, Peter, Paul, Robert, Samual, SAlvador, Timothy, Theodore, THomas, Vincent desire i helped =]

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  • 1 decade ago

    The ones from your list that I like the best are:



    -Charles (my brothers name :)



    I also like the name Clark, that kind of goes with your classic boy name thing i guess hahaha.

    Congratulations on you baby!! Good luck!

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  • Tweety
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    1 decade ago

    I like Finn and Everest (not Everett) which are classic and unique.

    Thomas and Charles are classic but too common.

    Oakley..hmm...yes, weird.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Harvey I like best Oakley is too outlandish I think

    Source(s): me
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