What are the steps needed to becoming a CEO?

I'm considering becoming a chief executive officer. Is that possible with a business administration and management major?

Also, I know that obviously becoming a CEO right away is very unlikely because you need to work your way up. What would be my first position if I want to make my way to becoming a CEO? My 2nd position? 3rd? 4th?

Also, I don't plan to own my own corporation, I want to work in someone else's.


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    10 years ago
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    This is difficult to answer as CEO roles vary from organisation to organisation. Generally, as a CEO you're task is to ensure that the organisation you leave performs better than the organisation you entered - if that makes sense?

    For instance, if you joined company X in 2008, and the revenue was £100m, your goal is to ensure that by the time you leave company X the revenue (or any major performance indicator) increases significantly. This proves that wherever you go, performance improves. Thus, a resume of a CEO does not list the tasks in previous roles; it tends to be a portfolio of savings and/or business improvements changes delivered in previous organisations.

    There are several routes to becoming a CEO - however I would strongly recommend a degree in a numerical discipline as a starting point (economics, ideally) and no matter what role you undertake, it is good to record your achievements and translate these into business outcomes: what decisions/actions have you taken in your last role to deliver cost savings or generate more revenue? Build on this and you will be on the right route.

    A good starting position is Business Analyst. This role tends to be very strategic, involves modelling, designing processes, and improving business efficiency. Such a role will enable you to develop an impressive portfolio of cost savings and business improvements.

    Source(s): I interviewed/profiled several CEOs and Directors when I worked in PR.
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