I think I have palilalia/a tic - Is it onset by anxiety?

(in advanced, sorry if this is in the wrong place!)

I'm pretty sure I have palilalia. I case you have no clue what it is, it's a tic where I'll repeat myself after I've said something. Sometimes the repetition is just the mouth movement, sometimes it's a whisper, or sometimes I'll say it over and over in my head. I've been doing it for about 10 years. An example of the repetition: I forgot to go to class today, go to class today.

I also have social anxiety, and when I speak to people I jumble words and get very nervous. I'm learning to over come it, but I've noticed that when I'm particularly nervous I'll repeat myself a lot more. For example: I forgot to go to class today, go to class today today today today... (sometimes it's out loud, sometimes it's in my head)

Well anyway, long story short : Are tics made much worse with anxiety? Should I see a doctor about this? If I do go to a doctor, will they even be able to do something about it?

Thank you very much in advanced, and sorry if my wording is poor or hard to understand.


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    Tics defidently can be made worse by anxiety. And if its something thats bothering you, you should see a doctor. They may not be able to treat the tics themself, but they can treat the anxiety that triggers them.

    Source(s): Im a nurse.
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    1 decade ago

    Anxiety brings on tics.

    Definately see the doctor.

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