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Our puppy was hit by a car today?

Our choc lab pup was hit by a car today, hes 12 weeks old. Were devastated about it although we were able to get him to the Vets, we last heard from the vet at 6 this evening to say that after an x-ray he has a broken jaw, fractured ribs and a some blood was in his lungs. He did say that he was responding well to treatment and he would call us in the morning as tonight is very crucial as the pup is still in shock.

Im wondering does anyone stay in the Vets after hours to check up on animals, or if anyone of a veterinarian opinion can tell me if he will make it. I just cant stop worrying about him, and hate the thoughts of him being alone. We got our pup for Christmas and our children dont know about the accident yet, we have told them he has had to go in for more injections and has to stay for a few days. It has totally devastated myself and my partner, and I just want someone to tell me in their own opinion what they make of the vets diagnosis? Or if if it has happened to someone else before?

Also, if he does make it, we would like a rough idea of the vets costs?

Also, aftercare, if or hopefully when our pup comes home, whats the best we can do for him to make his life easier...

All answers are so appreciated


Got word back today that he is doing fantastic! Vet said he cant get over how well he responded to treatment.

He wants to keep him in today to make sure he is eating ok, but if he is, he should be able to come home tomorrow!!

Just want my little baby home where we can love him and nurse him back to health, you have no idea how much this is a weight of our minds. Im allowed to go up and see him today,and will spend some quality time with him, before he comes home tomorrow

Thanks everyone once again for all your kind words, support and advice, we have only had him for a month and we just dont realise how much part of the family he is. I didnt sleep at all last night, and the thoughts of losing him broke my heart. We had initially called him Rolo, but after yesterday and the complete turn around he has made, we are considering callin him Robo!! In all seriousness, thanks again guys! All answers were fantastic xx

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    I can understand your worry. Happy to know you asking all these questions and want to be able to make his life as comfortable as possible when he gets home.

    I'll try to answer your questions the best I can.

    You ask about the vets diagnosis well none of us are vets nor have checked your dog out . But generally speaking if a vet feels after diagnosing the dog injuries and if the pup is taking to the medicines and is strong heart etc..they come to the conclusion he will be okay. If not A good vet would be honest with you and say Im sorry but its best to put the dog down. If your not quit sure I'd be blunt and ask the vet this question straight out. So you have piece of mind and let the vet tell you why he feels this pup will make it through. ( this will also reassure you better)

    Vet cost can be quit substantial in this case theres the fixing and healing process there will be medication, x rays and surgury. It will be costly im sure. Your best to call the vet and get the cost of operation , his time fee, xrays , pills that will be involved in your pup's recovery. dont' forget follow up visits as he's healing then more xrays to see that he is healing . then blood work etc.. If you have pet insurance this will be wonderful.

    After care again you will need to discuss this with the vet. for instance with a broken jaw being fixed the dog will most likely have to have special food for a while as he heals. broken bones again in splints or cones around him and not alot of activity while he's healing or jumping or much pressure on the broken areas while its healing. A quiet place for him to heal and the children will have to be spoken to , to let them know that fido will need tender loving care and will be very fragile when he comes home and no rough housing for a while.

    As far as staying at vets after hours. Yes i think this could be arranged. I would speak to the vet and let him know that you will want to be there for him checking in. I know for my little guy he was in to have a mole taken out and instead somehow his 12 teeth fell out. I won't bore you with the long story. But needless to say he wasn't clotting as they thought he was and they kept him for about 4 days and he kept deteriating even when they brought in specialist and one of the nurses called me to say you might want to come down and visit him even though the regular hours was closed. ( night nurses for sick pets are on staff around the clock) I hesitated at first as my little guy gets excited when he see's me and I wanted him to stay calm and heal. but it was at the point where they felt he may not make it. So I came in and stayed with him a few hours in the night he had needles in him and he was in a type of microwave thingy that keeps the pets warm and he was all drugged up and swaying from side to side. I took him out of the incubator held him in my arms he would cry out in pain I would talk to him and let him know i was there his eyes were closed. I wrapped him in a blanket and kept him as comfortable as possible. I remember too I was crying and didn't want him to suffer so i said a prayer to god that if he's not going to get better please don't let him suffer in this way and take him tonight while im there. But he pulled through thank GOD. and the next morning around 11 am i got a call from the vet saying I can come and pick up my dog he's barking up a storm and wanting attention. He totally did a 360. Miracles do happen. Thank the lord.

    So do go there your little puppy will feel better just knowing your there and it could make a difference of him living and fighting or giving up thinking you left him.

    God bless your little choc lab and your family for helping him get through all this.

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    I'm sure that someone will be monitoring the dog during the night. Most clinics who have critical care patients also have 24 hour care for them to keep an eye on them. If he makes it through the night, he will have a better chance of being ok. Not to worry about him being alone as he will probably be very medicated and will more then likely sleep most of the night. I would tell your kids what happened though just in case the pup doesn't make it. My dog got hit by a car in 08 however he was older at 2 years of age. He broke his front leg which they splinted, and had bruised lungs, which cleared up the following day. He was on IV for dehydration too because he had been running out in the heat all day and wasn't drinking. He responded well to the emergency treatment. He had to go to an emergency clinic as it was later in the evening so I had to pay more. He was there for 3 days had his leg x rayed, splinted, was given IV treatment, medications for pain, and the total bill was around $650.00. A lot depends on the medication that had to be administered, what needed to be done to the pup, and the area you are in as well as if it was after hours or not. All clinics are different, and the vet should have given you a rough estimate of the total cost. Hope your pup makes it. Say a prayer tonight, it helped me and my dog.

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    I'm so so so sorry! Broken bones are very painful, but thankfully young dogs heal quickly. He will be at higher risk for arthritis when he's older, but thankfully he didn't break any legs. If the puppy is still in shock somebody had BETTER be there overnight! My clinic doesn't have people overnight, but there is an emergency clinic that we refer people to if their dog is going to need care after hours. I can't honestly say if he will make it... getting hit by a car is not good, and I'd be most worried about the blood in his lungs and getting him out of shock. If they can stabilize him (get him over the shock) he has a decent chance at being okay, and should be fine if they can control/stop the bleeding in his lungs. He might need surgery, both for the broken jaw and the blood in the lungs.

    As to costs... it will be high. Likely at least 1-2k, but prices vary widely in different areas of the country and between clinics.

    When your pup gets back home, give him the pain meds the vet is sure to proscribe and try to keep him quiet/confined until the bones have healed. Unfortunately, that could mean 4 - 6 weeks staying strictly in a kennel, with breaks only to go outside unless he can go on walks SLOWLY without getting excited and jumpy.

    There are a few places/groups out there that have programs to help people with their vet bills. A lot of vets offer something called CareCredit, which is basically a line of credit that is strictly used for paying your vet. There used to be a promotion where the first time/use of it was interest-free, but I'm not sure if they still offer that. Also... if you send an email to (my "spam address") I can send you a list of other groups. I have it at work, but not on my home computer. I'm not sure if you would qualify for any of them, but it's probably worth looking into.

    Good luck!

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    Firstly all the things the vet has said, like the broken bones should heal fine, and not cause lasting damage, he is very young, which will be an advantage with healing. The shock is not a small issue, but if he is responding well to treatment, it a good sign....

    The vet should be able to tell you about costs for any on going treatment, also check out your insurance policy, (hopefully you have one?)

    Any way good luck, try to get some sleep, your vet will give you very clear instructions on what to do when your puppy comes home,

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    That should have been something to ask at the time. Many clinics do not have someone monitoring patients overnight. A crucial patient should have been transferred to an emergency clinic which is staffed overnight, so the dog could be monitored.

    It's impossible for anyone here to predict the outcome, or respond to the vet's diagnosis, costs or aftercare. Again as with the overnight stay-- you could have asked for a rough estimate of costs at the time. They probably couldn't give you any more than a ballpark figure for what they would be doing that day-- his hospital stay could be many days if he survives.

  • Good god how painful a rib injury is. I work in the ER and when people come in with rib injury, they are in the worst pain of any I ever witness.

    If the pup lives, keep it from any handeling by anyone unless absolute necessity.

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    Why wasn't that baby in his yard, instead of being in the street?

    He is seriously hurt. Your Vet bill wil be astronomical.

    I couldn't afford it. I would be forced to euthanize.

    That is why I have dog proofed my yard. My dogs cannot jump the fence nor can they dig out. They are secure in their yard. I went to great effort to make them safe.

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    somebody always have to be's the law

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