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How can I stop my inactive home security system from randomly beeping?

We moved in a few months ago, and because we don't have a landline, the pre-existing home security system is inactive. That hasn't been a problem until this week, when I tripped the smoke alarm; ever since then, once a day, usually at a painfully early hour, it beeps until I type in the security code. Then it happens all over again the next morning. The control panel is in our closet and I suspect the solution to my problem lies there, but I'm not sure what wires to disconnect. Any ideas?

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    I am an alarm pro girl. You have to find the metal box that has the connections in it, NOT the keypad with the buttons on it, ok. Then you open the metal box. Inside on the bottom there will be a big battery. you undo the red battery lead on it. It will not shock you, it is only 12 volts. Leave the black battery lead on because i don't want you accidentally touching the red and black leads off of that together or it will make a spark and scare you. Next read along the screws inside until you see the two screws that say AC or 12 Volt. This is the power. Now follow the wires from under those two screws until you find the plug in the wall. Its a big fat plug. Unplug that plug and your security system will have no power whatsoever.

    If you want the security system to be functional, you will have to get a professional such as myself to come to your home and program it the way you want it. Good Luck.

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    If you have the issue with the beeping every 24 hours and having to press the Cancel button, I found this solution from another site, and it works great!

    Take the keypad face off the wall keypad. You'll prob use a small screwdriver to pry it off by the two clip openings at the bottom. then remove the circuit board from the outer plastic casing with the buttons.

    Find the speaker. A round unit attached to the circuit board in the lower left corner. On the opposite side of the circuit board there should be two soldered points connecting the speaker to the board.

    The sound can be simply by shorting the leads across the electric speaker. Just get a few strands of copper wire from old speaker wire. Hold it across the solder points and use duct tape to hold it on and keep it attached. The wire will kill 99%-100% of the sound.

    The main alarm system will still work nice and loud. Your wall unit will now just have little to no sound at all. This is a 5 minute, zero cost solution.

    Source(s): I lost the original poster's link to give credit. Thank you to whomever figured this out!!
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    Yes. I had to do the same thing - just cut the power to the security system. Look at the control panel in your closet and see if you see a red light...usually the power switch is right by the red light (or green light...look for any light along with a large switch). Mine was on the bottom left of the circuit board.

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  • Annie
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    this is wired into a motherboard panel and goes into the wall is not on batteries , it beeped all night long and randomly throughout the day it stops when I press the number key but for a short while. We still use it and it has a siren so I just want to keep it but need to know why its doing this and can I fix it myself.

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  • Wombat
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    Try holding the * key down and see if it goes beep beep beep beep beep all the way down to nothing, that way you can silence it and still have smoke detectors. I would strongly advise against disconnection of the system as it may also disable your smoke alarms.

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