do u agree with these rankings?

i did this myself

1. Georges St. Pierre (1) - St. Pierre hasn't fought since July, so he obviously hasn't done anything to deserve to drop down. He only fought twice last year, so we’ll be desperate to see him by the time he enters the ring against Dan Hardy at the end of March. Though he hasn't fought in so long, I haven't forgotten how impressive his last win over Thiago Alves was given that he fought most of the match with an injured groin. St. Pierre is the untouchable king of his weight class, and the best fighter in the world in my eyes - and that's not just because he and I are both Canadians.

2. Anderson Silva (2) - Silva also hasn't fought since the last rankings, either, but that dominant win over Forrest Griffin was certainly eye-opening. Silva has struggled with an elbow injury that has postponed his fight against Vitor Belfort, but it seems destined to happen in the first half of this year. Silva needs to prove himself next time out to prove that he is still capable of the effort he gave against Griffin instead of the two lame efforts he gave before that. It will also be interesting to watch him this year - he turns 35 in April, and has been saying he wants to retire at 35.

3. Fedor Emelianenko (4) - Fedor is probably the scariest fighter on the planet, and he showed it again when he dismantled Brett Rogers last time out. I still refuse to move Emelianenko ahead of St. Pierre and Silva as long as they are winning, and as long as Fedor refuses to face the best fighters in the world in the highest profile organization in the sport. With all due respect to Strikeforce, he's a long way from the pinnacle of the sport right now.

4. Lyoto Machida (3) - Machida has to be this high because he is undefeated, but he really shouldn't be. Machida got a unanimous decision or Mauricio Rua in October that was, to say the least, mystifying. He's due to get back in the ring for a rematch in May that may turn out differently, but for now he has the win, so he gets the spot.

5. B.J. Penn (5) - Penn proved that he is the unquestioned king of the lightweights yet again in December when he dismantled Diego Sanchez in a fight that was never close. He's as dominant in his weight class as St. Pierre and Silva are in theirs. The problem, though, is that there just isn't the talent among the lightweights that there is in higher groupings. Barring an infusion of new talent from outside, Penn could keep winning for a few years without really proving anything because he'd never be seriously challenged.

6. Jose Aldo (unranked) - The featherweight division in WEC may be the most competitive exciting group on all of MMA right now, and Aldo has certainly put his stamp on it. He has won nine in a row, including all six in WEC. His last fight, a title shot against Mike Brown, was an awe-inspiring win over an incredibly talented fighter. The scary thing is that Aldo is only 23, so he's not even in his prime yet.

7. Mauricio Rua (unranked) - Rua has only fought once since the last rankings and he lost, so it's a bit of a surprise to see him climb in here. He clearly beat Machida in my mind, though, so I can't penalize him for whatever it was that the judges were watching.

8. Jon Fitch (9) - Fitch doesn't get the respect in the welterweight division that some do. He's clearly the second best fighter behind St. Pierre, though. He proved that by beating Mike Pierce at UFC 107 in a feisty, entertaining match. Fitch is now 11-1 in UFC, and the only loss came to St. Pierre, so there is no shame in that.

9. Brian Bowles (8) - Bowles shocked the world last time outing by beating the heavily favored Miguel Torres to win the WEC bantamweight championship. That was way back in early August, though, and light fighters don't usually sit out this long, so we really need to see Bowles back in the ring to defend that title and prove that he really is a star. That defense is tentatively set for March 6.

10. Brock Lesnar (10) - Lesnar hasn't fought since July, and he has been fighting some scary health problems, but he hasn't done anything to deserve getting dropped out of the standings - especially with the news that he has his health back and is preparing to return to action. Lesnar has quickly established himself as the class of the heavyweight division in the UFC, and is still young enough that he could put together a special career before it's all over for him.

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  • .Rar
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    10 years ago
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    I would agree more with Anderson Silva over GSP,simply because his dominance he has had in UFC,he won the Middleweight title back in 2006 and still holds it now,not only that but he goes up to Lightheavyweight and still dominates..

    GSP as much as he's my favorite fighter wouldn't be able to do the same if he went up to Middleweight,he also would probably have trouble beating some Lightweights..

  • 10 years ago

    I agree with most of these rankings except for a few. My top five are 1. Fedor 2. Anderson Silva 3. GSP 4. Lyoto Machida 5. BJ Penn. Unlike Fedor and Silva, GSP has not been finishing his opponents that's why in "my opinion" he is not #1 in my list. Silva has finished 8 out of 10 of his opponents that's pretty impressive except for Cote and Leites. Just cause Fedor is not in the UFC doesn't mean he is refusing to fight the best. He is destroying every fighter they put in front of him.

  • 10 years ago

    I think Silva and Penn should be #1 and #2. Those guys can't be beat and they consistently dominate their opponents. It's not fair really haha. Don't get me wrong I love GSP he is one of the greatest but in his last fight against Alves he couldn't even finish it after dominating the whole fight. and Machida is really good as well, but hes not Top 5. and Fedor I need to see fight someone really good that isn't past his prime. He beat Arlovski and Sylvia both past their primes. Brett Rogers is good but he hasnt reached his full potential. I need to see Fedor fight Mir or Dos Santos or Velasquez or even Carwin. Some elite HWs that are still really good.

  • 10 years ago

    yeah it makes sense. most of those fighters have been dominant recently as well as in the past and those who haven't fought, lesnar and gsp, have been dealing with serious injuries/illnesses.

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